WWE News: Triple H Joins The Shield And Even Dons Battle Gear For Live Event [Photos]

In what can only be seen as one of the most unexpected and shocking moments in WWE history, Triple H has joined The Shield. Now, before everyone begins to freak out, it’s not going to be a permanent move or anything. During a WWE Live event in Glasgow this evening, The Shield was to be involved in a six-man tag match but Roman Reigns is still not medically cleared to wrestle. With his absence, the “Hounds of Justice” needed to find a replacement.

By the looks of the insanity caused on Twitter, their replacement was none other than Triple H.

Twitter absolutely went nuts late on Wednesday evening as pics began being posted left and right as The Shield came out to face Cesaro, Sheamus, and a returning Bray Wyatt. Outnumbered three to two, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins needed to find a partner to team with them against the strong team of heels.

The crowd was absolutely stunned when it was none other than Triple H who joined them for the match, but it was much better than just seeing him in the ring again. No, Triple H didn’t come out in his usual ring attire, but he actually donned the battle gear of his tag team partners as shown by journalist Chris Scullion.

Not only did Triple H head out to the ring in Glasgow and join The Shield, but he even did his entire entrance with spitting the water and everything. Making things that much more awesome is that he did it in the battle gear of his teammates and the fans absolutely loved it.

WWE fans know that in the past, Triple H had once hired The Shield to be members of The Authority and run Monday Night Raw as major heels. In time, Triple H caused Seth Rollins to turn on his “brothers” and it caused a rift between them all.

Of course, there was also the huge feud that Rollins and Triple H have had in the past and it led to a match at WrestleMania, but that all appears to be in the past. Tonight’s match came to an end with Triple H taking Roman Reigns’ place in the Triple Powerbomb and pinning Cesaro for the win.

Once it was all over, Triple H joined Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in the victory pose of The Shield.

Glasgow had to have been thrilled by all the WWE action at the live event this evening, but it had to be a huge surprise to see Triple H team with The Shield. The illness that has kept Roman Reigns out of the ring for a while has now led to Trips and Kurt Angle donning the battle gear and becoming temporary members of the popular faction. Only time will tell if this sort of thing ever ends up taking place on WWE television, but fans can hope.

[Featured Image by WWE]