WWE News: Sami Zayn Hits Fan With Announce Table During ‘SmackDown Live’ Main Event

During Tuesday night’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live, the newest heel Sami Zayn suddenly hit a fan in the face with part of the announce table. The fan incident occurred during the latest installment of the blue brand, which took place at the Scope in Norfolk, Virginia, as the big main event match of the night was in progress. However, it certainly doesn’t appear that this was intentional on the part of Sami Zayn, although it’s unknown if the fan in question sustained any injuries. So far, there are no reports of any.

In a report from PWTorch, the SmackDown Live main event consisted of Kevin Owens battling “The King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura. The two superstars competed with a spot on Team SmackDown on the line. The winner would join Randy Orton for that Raw vs. SmackDown men’s match at Survivor Series 2017. Nakamura won after hitting Kinshasha, but “The Viper” appeared at ringside, as did Sami Zayn during the match, with one spot actually featuring the commonly-used announcers’ table. Unfortunately for a nearby fan, that spot also ended up smacking him in the face, but mostly due to Sami Zayn getting a bit too forceful with his clearing of the table.

WWE News Sami Zayn clears announce table on SmackDown
Sami Zayn tore apart the announcers table on SmackDown Live and inadvertantly hit a fan in the crowd with the table's cover. [Image by WWE]

In one spot during the match, Owens instructed Zayn to clear off the announce table outside the ring. Zayn listened to his new friend’s orders, and as he cleared off the table, he managed to toss the top of the table with some force. Basically, Zayn yanked the cover hard enough that it hit a fan standing up in the front row in the face. A video surfaced from Deadspin on Twitter showing exactly what went down during the latest SmackDown main event.


This isn’t the first time a fan in proximity to the action at a televised WWE show was hit by an object either. As Sportskeeda’s Aaron Varble indicated, a fan was hit by a piece of a car that was torn apart and thrown by “The Beast” Brock Lesnar. For the most part, these incidents show, like most live sports performances, that fans who are close to the action always run a risk of something going awry. So far, it seems that there was no serious damage done by Sami Zayn in this latest fan incident, though.

[Featured Image by WWE]