Caitlyn Jenner: Kris Ignored Nicole Brown Simpson’s Worries O.J Would Kill Her, Blames Ex-Wife For Death?

Caitlyn Jenner has made it known that ex-wife Kris Jenner reportedly “brushed off” comments made by Nicole Brown Simpson, who often stressed that O.J would kill her.

In a recent interview on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, the former Olympic athlete talks about the difficult time she went through with Kris when they dealt with the loss of Nicole, who had been a close friend to the family for multiple years, Radar Online reveals.

Caitlyn Jenner tells the radio hosts that Nicole feared for her life knowing that O.J Simpson was going to kill her — not just because he would openly tell her that but also because she believed it.

In fact, two weeks before her death, Nicole had allegedly confided in Kris, telling her that she was scared following a confrontation with O.J, who had once again told her was going to kill her and get away with it “because I am O.J.”

Caitlyn Jenner goes on to say that Kris didn’t make much of the comments and reportedly “brushed her off” when Nicole would try and reason with her why she thinks her ex-husband was going to murder her.

While it would be odd to put the blame on Kris for not helping Nicole at such a desperate time, while domestic abuse was definitely a case in the relationship, nobody, including the 61-year-old would have thought that O.J. was capable of murder.

For Kris to think that a family friend was capable of killing the mother of his children was absurd, so the idea that she would brush off the thought of O.J. killing Nicole seemed rather reasonable for the TV star, one would think.

Caitlyn Jenner goes on to add that after the murder, everyone in the family knew that O.J. was guilty, stressing that it would only a matter of wondering whether he would really get away with it or not.

News of Caitlyn Jenner’s comments regarding Kris denial in O.J. being capable of murder comes just months after it was claimed that Kim, Khloe, and Kris, had shunned the 68-year-old from their lives for spilling secrets about them to the press.

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