Peggy Sulahian Just Revealed That Kelly Dodd And Vicki Gunvalson Aren’t Real Friends

Peggy Sulahian only wanted the best for her friend Vicki Gunvalson when the group was traveling during Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Peggy was stressing out when the doctors arrived at Vicki’s hotel room because Gunvalson kept saying she was having a heart attack. Peggy kept pushing the ladies out of the way, even though she didn’t know Vicki well. When Peggy kept nagging at Kelly Dodd to leave Vicki alone, Kelly snapped. She told Sulahian to stop telling her what to do, to stop touching her, and to stop interfering in her friendship with Vicki. In other words, Peggy was clearly crossing the line with Dodd.

According to a new Bravo report, Peggy Sulahian is now speaking out about the situation. As it turns out, she only had the best intentions for Vicki and it sounds like she felt Kelly wasn’t being supportive of her friend. Kelly did say that Vicki was having an anxiety attack and completely disregarded the fact that she could have had a heart attack. In her blog for Bravo, Peggy explains that while she was trying to make her friend feel good, she was shocked to see Kelly go to the restaurant. Even though Dodd hadn’t eaten all day, Peggy could still go on without food.

“Kelly’s outward support for this friendship is a facade, and she too is hoping it will fall apart again so she can also have her friend all to herself. Kelly’s actions and words speak volumes when she is emotional. She is mean and insults people to the core. Her goal is to tear you down and get a reaction from you. I haven’t encountered a person like this before, but now that I am aware, she had better tread lightly!” Peggy writes in her Bravo blog about Kelly, pointing to her friendship with Vicki.

It’s interesting that Peggy is speaking out about Kelly’s friendship with Vicki. The two have been filming together and they even hung out while the show was on hiatus. But for Sulahian, the friendship appears to be fake. Maybe she’s judging the situation based on what she saw during the trip to Iceland, where Kelly chose to eat something instead of going to the hospital. Maybe Peggy Sulahian would have chosen to go to the hospital with Vicki even if she was hungry. As she points out, she wanted to care for a loved-one if they were hurt, and she feels that Kelly’s priorities are out of order. On the other hand, Dodd may not have been much help if she was starving on her way to the hospital.

What do you think about Peggy Sulahian’s comments about her co-stars? Do you think that Kelly is only putting on a facade when it comes to her friendship with Vicki?

[Featured Image by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Eurocar]