Wendy Williams: No Stroke Or Heart Attack Caused Fainting – 53-Year-Old Blames Haters, Menopause, Overheating

Wendy Williams says that it was fabulous that she was trending all day on Tuesday, October 31. But for the folks who thought Wendy was faking her faint, Williams said that her fainting was actually real. Wendy called herself a tall woman of a particular age who doesn’t do stunts.

Wendy explained that she was 48 minutes into her show when the melee happened. The crew was speaking to her, but she didn’t totally understand what they were saying. Wendy was cognizant enough to realize that she was wearing flats and called that fact a good thing. Williams said she felt hot and dizzy, like a wave of heat surging through her body.

After Wendy heard nothing that her producer said, Williams relied on the teleprompter to begin speaking. Wendy went down “booty first” after grabbing for her head; Williams said she was going down with the crown, wanting to go out in a cute manner.

Wendy began crying when she spoke of how scary her fainting episode was. All that Williams could think of was not to pull the podium over on herself. However, there was no stroke or heart attack, according to Wendy. The first thing she saw backstage was Jerry O’Connell in his “tighty whities” as he prepared to play his Naked Cowboy character.

There was chaos backstage, with Wendy’s makeup artist weeping. Wendy noted that others have fainted on live TV, but they usually don’t come back to finish their shows. Al Roker has passed out on live TV, according to Wendy. Fans of Williams are glad that she’s better today and learned that Wendy was medically treated backstage and given electrolytes. The paramedics were in Wendy’s office and hooked her up to EKG devices and spoke plenty about health. Wendy’s heart rate was fine, along with her blood pressure.

Wendy said that she is a 53-year-old woman who felt like she was in the middle of a campfire, with sweat on top of her lip. After the fainting episode, Williams left to return to New Jersey with her husband, Kevin Hunter. Lots of paparazzi were outside, and Wendy felt compassion for the photojournalists who she felt a kinship with. However, Williams said she liked being on the media’s side of her “Hot Topics” segment, not the subject’s side of press coverage. Williams said she was treated like Diana Ross due to her staff being so concerned and treating her like a queen. She was able to lose the photogs after the Lincoln Tunnel since they didn’t leave New York to chase her to New Jersey. Wendy said her haters motivated her – and called folks who thought she was “stroking out” people who were “haters” trying to replace her in that famous purple chair.

Wendy Williams blames overheating for fainting episode.
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