New Photo Of ‘Thin’ Ami Brown Results In Billy Being Shamed On Facebook

A new photo of Ami Brown being pushed in a wheelchair by her husband Billy was posted on Facebook by the popular non-fan page, ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Exposed. The photo doesn’ show her face, but it does show a thinner-looking Ami wearing several layers of clothing. It didn’t take long for fans of the page to notice that Billy Brown had a pack of cigarettes in his pocket.

As most Alaskan Bush People fans know, Ami Brown was diagnosed with Stage III lung cancer (which some say has progressed to Stage IV). She had been in California receiving chemotherapy treatment, but has since left the state to head out on a road trip of sorts with her family. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, sources say that Ami was having a very hard time with the second round of chemo and needed a break — hence the road trip.

This is one of the first (if not the first) photos of Ami that people have seen since she left California about a week ago. Members of the Brown family are thought to be in Colorado at this time, just trying to spend time away from the hospital life.

However, seeing Billy with a pack of Marlboros has rubbed people the wrong way — and perhaps for good reason. Many believe that Ami’s lung cancer is a direct result of her smoking cigarettes. But, as sick as she has been, her major health crisis hasn’t caused Billy to quit, as evidenced by the smokes in his pocket.

“Billy with his pack of Marlboro reds of course. I’m sure he blames Ami’s cancer on everything but their smoking habits,” wrote one Facebook user.

“Nice pack of smokes in Billy’s pocket there. Stage 4 lung cancer and they can’t stop. No sympathy,” wrote another.

“Look closely. Do you deny that there is a pack of Marlboro cigarettes in Billy’s pocket? Do you know that Billy’s wife has Stage 4 lung cancer? Do you understand the absurdity and hypocrisy of this photo?” questioned a third.

Those who have been or are addicted to cigarettes know that it’s not very easy to just give up smoking, but sometimes, seeing the person that you love suffering from a disease that can be caused from smoking is enough to change your mind. Perhaps Billy has considered quitting or maybe he is trying, who knows? Either way, people weren’t too happy to see him walking around with a pack.

Are you surprised to see Billy Brown carrying around cigarettes? Do you think that he should try to quit smoking, especially given what his wife has been going through? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Discovery]