Prince William To Be King Over Prince Charles? William Reportedly More Powerful Than His Father

Prince William and Prince Charles have waited a long time as heirs to the British throne. After reigning for 65 years, Queen Elizabeth II is now closer than ever to handing over her crown. According to E-News, everyone in the halls of Buckingham Palace these days is asking the same question, which is, who will hold decision-making power once the queen is gone? Is such talk causing a feud between Prince William and Prince Charles?

Prince Charles will undoubtedly be named the next King of England, but that does not mean he will possess the higher amount of power. Prince William, adored by Britons, is more influential than his father. While celebrity and popularity do not decide who wears the crown, Prince Charles reportedly fears that the feelings of the people could impact his ascension to the throne.

Prince Charles once explained the importance of the people’s opinions, saying, “Something as curious as the monarchy won’t survive unless you take account of people’s attitudes. After all, if people don’t want it, they won’t have it.”

If the majority of Britons prefer Prince William as their next King, this would explain rumors of the quarreling between father and son.

But concern over the crown is not the only issue to consider in Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. Many people want to know what to expect in the moments immediately following the queen’s death.

Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles reportedly are feuding over who shall become King.
Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles reportedly are feuding over who shall become King. [Image by Jack Taylor/Getty Images]

There is an extensive protocol in place for what to do after the queen dies, but this plan does not take into consideration the possibility of the queen passing while traveling abroad. Daily Express explained that if the queen were to die while visiting overseas, a jet known as the Royal Flight would be sent to her location. With a unique coffin on board, they would load her body and take her back to the throne room in Buckingham Palace.

Then, as the national anthem is played, Queen Elizabeth II’s picture would be posted on BBC One, and an announcement would be made to the public at 8 o’clock the following morning. Unless an unexpected change occurred, Prince Charles would then be named King.

As for now, the Queen remains enthroned, and the royal family does not acknowledge any tension between Prince William and Prince Charles. Now, the world will wait and inevitably see how these men handle the British monarchy without their beloved Queen.

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