Maci Bookout’s Halloween Photo Has People Seeing A Baby Bump

Maci Bookout hasn’t addressed the pregnancy rumors she’s facing lately, but the Teen Mom OG star didn’t say much about her previous pregnancy either. It wasn’t until she couldn’t hide it anymore that she decided to share the news. Her pregnancy with Maverick wasn’t planned and she only found out about the pregnancy because she felt odd and sick at times. Since Bookout is so great at hiding her pregnancies, fans are constantly questioning whether she’s pregnant. Maci hasn’t shared any photos of herself for a while and her fans believed she may be hiding a baby bump.

Yesterday, the McKinney family celebrated Halloween and they shared a photo of the entire family together. Maci was dressed up as Barbie and Taylor went as Ken. According to a new Instagram post, Maci Bookout is only fueling the pregnancy rumors these days, as fans believe that she’s showing off a baby bump. Of course, it doesn’t seem like she’s pregnant right now as she’s not sporting a huge baby bump. It could just be the way the costume is on her body, but some fans are convinced they are seeing something growing. It’s also possible that she has a small stomach from carrying three children, as one’s body does change after so many pregnancies.

“Is she expecting? Or just a strange angle?” one fan asked after Maci posted the photo, with another follower adding, “I thought the same thing.”

Bookout hasn’t said anything about a possible baby. While she has been open to having another baby, she’s not having baby fever. She hasn’t gushed about having another child while filming Teen Mom OG and she and Taylor have both agreed that it is a lot of work to have three children. Maci has ignored all kinds of comments about her possibly being pregnant and one can imagine that it isn’t fun to read comments about people thinking she’s sporting a baby bump when she’s not pregnant. However, Bookout is good at ignoring these comments, so one can imagine she won’t address people’s questions about the possibility of her having another baby.

What do you think of Maci Bookout’s Halloween photo? Do you think she’s trying to hide a pregnancy or do you think people are just assuming that she’s pregnant because her costume makes her look pregnant?

[Featured Image by John Phillips/Getty Images]