Angelina Jolie And Jennifer Aniston Not Feuding Over Jolie’s Dating Life

Ever since Angelina Jolie stole Jennifer Aniston’s husband Brad Pitt over a decade ago, the two have been at odds. But even though Jolie and Pitt have split, some media outlets are reporting that the two actresses are at war again. Could the former rivals be stirred up over a new man?

Yahoo! News is reporting that NBC executive Ronald Meyer, who is the dad of Aniston’s best friend Jennifer Meyer, has caused problems because of a recent dinner he had with Jolie. According to New Idea, Aniston is furious that her bestie’s dad would get cozy with the Maleficent actress at an LA restaurant.

“Jen is absolutely steaming after seeing pictures of them having a cozy dinner together,” a source told New Idea, because she is close to Meyer because of her friendship with his daughter. The insider claims Aniston is taking it personally.

Even though the dinner was nothing more than a business meeting, the source claims Aniston is sure it was a stunt Jolie put together to get a reaction from the Friends star. Meyer is reportedly working with Jolie on her comeback movie after her split from Pitt.

Aniston apparently can’t believe Angelina Jolie would “stoop this low,” but she is sure that Jolie met with Meyer in a place that she knew is often photographed. Aniston has been friends with Jennifer Meyer for years, and the jewelry maker even designed the wedding bands for Aniston and her husband, Justin Theroux.

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston
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But, the website Gossip Cop says this story is completely false.

The truth-telling site claims that Jolie and Aniston are not at war, and the fact that Jolie had dinner with Meyer has nothing to do with Aniston’s friendship with Meyer’s daughter. The site goes on to say that the fact that an Australian tabloid like New Idea is claiming to have some special inside scoop is the first clue that the story has no merit.

Writers at Gossip Cop also assert that Aniston seeing a business meeting as some kind of personal attack simply doesn’t make sense. To think that Jolie had dinner with the dad of Aniston’s best friend just to upset her is “laughable.”

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Jennifer Aniston has moved on with Theroux and apparently has no interest in what Angelina Jolie is doing; which is logical because the two have had nothing to do with each other for years.

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