In Support Of Weinstein: Russian Women Get Naked Near US Embassy [Video]

Andrii Daniels

Five Russian women got naked in support of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who is being accused of sexual assault, harassment, and rape by over 80 women.

As seen in a video obtained by REN TV, the young Russian ladies stripped down and held several signs that read, "Hands off Harvey," "I love you, Harvey," "Harvey makes me excited," and "Harvey Weinstein, welcome to Russia."

The incident took place in central Moscow near the U.S. embassy on Tuesday. REN TV, one of Russia's largest private federal TV channels, posted the video the same day.

Despite the chilly weather, -2 degrees Celsius (28.4 degrees Fahrenheit), two girls were wearing nothing but boots, another two wore high-heel boots and stockings, and the fifth girl complemented the footwear with white knee highs.

"We're here to support Harvey Weinstein, the producer of The Lord of the Rings movies, who is bullied for being a man," the girls told a reporter in the Russian language.

"We came here to support the producer who offered women sex. Sex is right, sex is cool! We're here to say that when a man offers women sex, it's awesome. It means you [men] think we're beautiful and sexy," said the girl wearing knee highs.

"It wasn't forced," another girl told of Weinstein's alleged sexual misconduct. "He didn't force them [into having sex]."

The Russian girls also said they believe the Hollywood producer did not sexually assault anyone.

"He only wanted to offer them massage," the first girl said, adding that "there's nothing scary about that. It's terrible that women from across the world are trying to accuse him [Weinstein] of something. He did everything right and it was good."

The ladies, who said they came from different countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, also invited Weinstein to Russia, telling the producer, "Welcome to Russia!"

The naked ladies, who weren't bothered by the cold weather, were later arrested by the police. Two girls were identified as Anastasia Davydova and Anastasia Vashukevich, better known by the nicknames Sasha Travka and Nastya Rybka.

The latter has her own Instagram account, where she documented their naked protest.

In her Instagram post on Wednesday morning, Rybka urged people to come to court to support the five naked Russian women, referring to them as "advocates of men who love women" and "advocates of Harvey Weinstein."

Rybka also wrote that they treat propositioning as a "compliment" rather than something "humiliating," adding that "a boner is the best compliment for a girl."

This is not the first time the ladies have been involved in a controversy. Travka and Rybka were also the stars of another scandalous video, in which one of the girls had sex with a man in the middle of Russian capital Moscow, with the other girl filming the public sex scene.

The video was circulating in the Russian and international media in September. Local authorities even wanted to hold the shameless women criminally liable for the stunt.

[Featured Image by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images for Gucci]