Selena Gomez: Justin Bieber Finally Mature Enough To Date Singer, Couple Always Planned To Reconcile

Selena Gomez believes that Justin Bieber has matured enough for her to consider the idea of giving him another chance, it’s been reported.

Reports, via Hollywood Life, claim that Selena’s feelings for Justin had never gone away — even while she was dating The Weeknd earlier this year.

The former Disney Channel star seemed sure that she wanted to get back with her ex-boyfriend, but one of the things that prevented her in doing so was the fear of wondering whether the relationship would end up turning sour again.

As fans will recall, Selena Gomez and Justin had broken up on numerous occasions during their time together, with sources stressing that there was infidelity allegedly involved on numerous occasions.

In Selena Gomez’s mind, she thinks that giving the relationship another try at this given point seems most fitting, not only because they both still share feelings for one another but also because they’ve matured enough to know how to handle obstacles in their romance.

A source tells Hollywood Life that Selena Gomez and JB started dating at a very young age, and the “Come & Get It” singer knows that being in a relationship so soon was bound to end up in shambles.

She couldn’t have expected Justin to give her the world and remain faithful at the young age of 16 when the 23-year-old was bound to make mistakes that every teenager would go on to make.

Selena Gomez believes that her undying love for Bieber makes her understand that he’s her soulmate and that’s why she has never been able to give up on him — their connection is different compared to the ones she’s shared with other exes.

While the likes of The Weeknd were said to have treated Selena Gomez with nothing but respect and love, her feelings for Justin still couldn’t be subdued; it seemed rather apparent that Selena would reunite with her ex-boyfriend sooner or later.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that The Weeknd was the one who dumped Selena Gomez, having allegedly been blindsided by the fact that she had been spending quality time with the Biebs on several occasions without his knowledge.

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