‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Enjoys Halloween Away From The Farm, Jackson Is A Cute Little Pumpkin

Amy Roloff and the rest of the family are enjoying Halloween and it shows in the photographs they share on their social media accounts. Amy posted a photo of herself in her butterfly costume holding a bowl of sweet treats while Jackson rocked his cute little pumpkin outfit.

Amy is having a blast celebrating Halloween away from the place she has called home for a long time – Roloff Farms. According to the Little People, Big World star, she especially enjoyed giving away candies to trick-or-treaters. While there were not that many children who stopped by, Amy said she still had a blast.

Amy also said that she never had the opportunity to pass out such treats to children in costumes during Halloween at the farm. A number of her followers quickly asked her if she wasn’t staying at Roloff Farms anymore. The 53-year-old grandmother said she still lived at the farm though she spent this year’s Halloween at a cul-de-sac street somewhere in the West Linn area, which is in Oregon. It’s not clear whose house it was which Amy spent Halloween at but one follower speculated that the West Linn house could be owned by her boyfriend, Chris Marek, or possibly by one of her friends.

Most of her followers commended Amy for her adorable costumes. Amy wore a different costume during Pumpkin Patch weekends and she chose to wear the same black and orange butterfly outfit she wore on the last day of the pumpkin season at Roloff Farms.


Speaking of pumpkins, Jackson dressed up as one for Halloween. Tori Roloff, Amy’s daughter-in-law, shared a couple of photos of the four-month-old Jackson in his adorable pumpkin costume, saying she did so because it was the “last acceptable day to post a pumpkin photo.”


For the past month, Tori and the rest of the Roloff family have been posting a lot of photos of pumpkins and other things related to the Roloff Farms’ 2017 Pumpkin Patch weekends on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Pumpkin season at the Roloff Farms officially ended on Sunday and since Halloween is over, and today is All Saints’ Day, it’s quite understandable if Tori won’t be posting any more pumpkin photos from this point forward.


Fans of Little People, Big World should not worry though as Tori and the other Roloffs will surely post more photos of the “smiley” Jackson, sans the pumpkin costume.

[Featured Image by Matt Roloff/Facebook]