WWE Rumors, Spoilers: New Title To Be Introduced Tonight During 'WrestleMania 32'

It's only a handful of hours until WrestleMania 32 gets underway from Dallas, Texas, and all the superstars of WWE battle for supremacy. So much is expected to happen this evening, and combine that with NXT Takeover: Dallas on Friday and the WWE Hall of Fame last night, where Sting announced his retirement. Now, it looks as if WWE will actually be introducing a brand new title on the Pay-Per-View this evening.

One of the most anticipated matches on tonight's card will be the triple threat match for the Divas Championship. Charlotte will look to hold onto her title belt against the likes of Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch in what will surely be an incredible bout.

Now though, it appears as if whomever wins the match, they won't be leaving with the Divas Title. As reported by Inquisitr a couple of days ago, WWE is going to rebrand the Divas division into the Women's Division, and exchange the Divas title for a new Women's Championship.

wwe rumors spoilers new divas women's title belt wrestlemania 32 charlotte becky lynch sasha banks
[Image via WWE]WrestleZone is reporting that the new Women's Championship was set to be introduced tomorrow night on Monday Night RAW, but that has likely changed. It appears as if the winner of tonight's match at WrestleMania 32 will be presented with the new title belt instead.

So, that means Charlotte will officially be the last ever Divas Champion in WWE, no matter what happens tonight.

It appears as if both the WWE World Heavyweight Champion (either Triple H or Roman Reigns) and the Divas Champion are set to appear on The Today Show on NBC on Monday morning. WWE will want the new Women's Championship to be displayed and shown to the world, so it will likely be given tonight, then, instead of on Monday night.

WWE has yet to make an official announcement on the rebranding of the Women's Division, but a new title belt is already said to have been made.

wwe rumors spoilers new divas women's title belt wrestlemania 32 charlotte becky lynch sasha banks
[Image via WWE]PWInsider is reporting that the new Women's Title is very similar to the WWE World Heavyweight Title, but it is a smaller version. It is also mounted on a white leather strap instead of the typical and usual black strap.

Until it was retired back in 2010, the Women's Championship was one of the longest running titles in all of professional wrestling. It was established in 1956, which made it a tad bit older than the WWE Championship, which first debuted in 1963.

A lot of controversy came the way of WWE doing away with the Women's Championship and bringing in the Divas' Championship as many thought they were making a mockery of the division. Some even considered the new title belt with the butterfly design to look much like a "tramp stamp" tattoo.

wwe rumors spoilers new divas women's title belt wrestlemania 32 charlotte becky lynch sasha banks bayley asuka
[Image via WWE]Recently, it was said that Triple H and Vince McMahon had an argument over which woman superstar should be brought to the WWE main roster next. It appears as if Triple H wanted Eva Marie to join the Total Divas team at WrestleMania 32, while McMahon wanted Bayley called up instead.

As the argument went on, Triple H made it a focus to point out that Bayley is more a part of the "wrestling" division, and not the Divas division. He then was able to prove his point that Eva Marie made more sense in joining the team of Total Divas.

WWE rebranding the Women's Division and getting rid of the Diva's Championship makes a lot of sense, as they are truly about wrestling. Numerous talents are now a part of WWE, and they have true in-ring skills that deserve to be recognized. That's why it is a very big deal at WrestleMania 32 when Charlotte, Sasha Banks, or Becky Lynch become the next and new WWE Women's Champion.

[Image via WWE]