‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Patient 6 Gains More Allies, Andre Hints Classic Jason Is A Test Subject

General Hospital spoilers tease more Port Charles residents will support Patient 6’s (Steve Burton) claim. The newcomer with Jason Morgan’s old face claims he is the real deal, and he lost five years of his life. The current Jason (Billy Miller) feels desperate – he needs to prove he is not the impostor.

Who Takes Patient 6’s Side?

Sonny (Maurice Benard) was quick to take Patient 6’s side after hearing his story. Based on the latest General Hospital preview, it seems like Carly (Laura Wright) will follow suit. She will advise Patient 6 to see Sam who, according to her, deserves to know he is alive. There will be emotional scenes between Carly and Patient 6.

Michael will also hear some interesting news from Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). General Hospital spoilers tease Dante will relay the information about the man claiming to be Jason Morgan. The preview reveals Michael thinks there is something different about the current version of Jason. He believes it makes a lot of sense if the Jason they know is actually an impostor. It appears like the Corinthos family will take Patient 6’s side. In fact, Sonny will try to look into the unusual circumstances surrounding the current Jason.

Current Jason Feels Threatened

The current Jason was taken aback by the appearance of Patient 6. Apparently, Sonny is not taking his side. However, he will insist he is not the impostor.

General Hospital spoilers tease Jason will be at Sam’s side when she opens her eyes. He will ask her if she remembers anything about the night she was abducted. Patient 6 is a big threat to Jason, it means he stands to lose his family. General Hospital spoilers tease Jason will also worry about Danny. He will reassure Sam their family will remain strong even if there are a lot of hurdles along the way.


To help him make sense of what is happening, General Hospital spoilers tease Jason will ask for Curtis’ help. Sonny will hire Diane to help Patient 6 with legal matters concerning his identity. The battle between two Jasons is bound to heat up in the upcoming weeks. As the person who knows about the missing twin, Franco will also play a pivotal role in the story. With the appearance of Patient 6 in town, Franco can no longer keep Drew’s identity as a secret.

Fabricated Memories?

Patient 6 came to Port Charles believing he has been absent from the life of his loved ones for the past five years. He knows all the intricate details about Jason’s life, and Sonny felt he had a familiar presence. His loyalty to the mob boss, his skills, and his memories all support his identity as Jason Morgan. His tearful reunion with the people close to him and the realization that someone stole his identity felt too real to be an act. However, spoilers suggest Andre and Dr. Klein might hold the key to all the secrets surrounding his identity.

General Hospital spoilers tease Andre knows more than Patient 6 than he wants to admit. In one conversation, he will mention how Patient 6 came to Port Charles looking for the people he considers to be his family. This clue could be a red herring, but it could also be the truth. This revelation could prove that the current Jason has every right to feel wronged by a man who just arrived in town. The November sweeps will have a lot of exciting scenes ahead but General Hospital spoilers tease more twists and turn for classic Jason and current Jason.


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