Mom Brutalizes Daughter For Forgetting Bible Memory Verses

A Pennsylvania woman who brutalized her daughter for wrongly reciting Bible verses has been sentenced to prison.

Rhonda Shoffner pleaded guilty on Wednesday to strangulation, aggravated assault, making terroristic threats, and endangering the welfare of a child. The 41-year-old is facing between two-and-a-half years to five years in a state prison.

According to court documents made available to Penn Live, Shoffner had gone on a three-day drinking binge before returning to her Middletown residence where she woke up her 13-year-old daughter who was sleeping. The 41-year-old woman had ordered her daughter to kneel down on the bathroom floor and start reciting Bible verses. The teen began pleading with her mother because she knew it was a sign that she was in for a beating.

Shoffner had asked her daughter what God told man to do with his child, the girl had answered that God told him to forgive his son. Rhonda had said it was the wrong answer and revealed that God had told the man to murder his son. It was at this point that Rhonda then slammed her daughter’s head into the wall at least five times.

Police say the abusive mother went on to hit her daughter every time she inaccurately recited a verse or gave a wrong answer to a Biblical question. The 41-year-old woman then instructed her young daughter to lie down on the floor and began choking her. The Mail is reporting that it was at this point that the young girl started to fight for her life.

Shoffner initially refused to allow police into her home [Image by Artolympic/Thinkstock]

The terrified girl escaped her mother’s clutches and ran to a fast-food restaurant close-by for help. She called her father, who in turn notified the police. Unfortunately, her mother had viciously bitten her in the arm and shoulder before she could escape. Shoffner had allegedly told her 13-year-old daughter that she was going to kill her

Police arrived at the home and pounded on Shoffner’s door. However, the 41-year-old refused to open the door, despite the fact that officers identified themselves and shouted at the law enforcement men to leave. When she eventually let them in, she gave them the middle finger and taunted them.

The New York Post is reporting that Rhonda Shoffner is a member of several Christian Facebook groups and shares many religious themes on her social media page.

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