‘Little People, Big World’: Jacob Roloff Spills Details On His New Book, Current Relationship

Jacob Roloff, Matt and Amy’s youngest son, gave Little People, Big World fans a rare update on what he’s currently working on. Since his disappearance from his family’s reality show two years ago, the 20-year-old has been exploring the world and doing some soul searching.

Because of his blatant refusal to be part of Little People, Big World, Jacob has been dubbed as the Roloff family’s “black sheep.” Of course, it didn’t help that he also wrote a lengthy blog post about the show and slammed it as “scripted” and “fake.” However, Jacob is now far from the angry and confused teenager that fans saw before. In a video blog, he admitted that he might have said not-so-nice things about his family in the past and chalked it up to adolescence. He also wrote a short book, Verbing, in which he explained his profound thoughts about life, religion, and family.

Now, Jacob Roloff is about to publish his second book titled Out To See. According to his latest Instagram post, this book will be three times longer than his first one and is a narrative on his experiences as a child.

“I wanted this book to be something I might have wanted when I was a kid, growing up surrounded by one way of life with no room to stretch or explore, as it pertains to religion, at least.”

Before anyone could say that his new book is another diss at his famous family, Jacob was quick to explain that these are not past musings and regrets. Rather, he emphasized that the book is a “contemplation” on his present and future.

“It’s about me going Out To See a different way of life, and never being able to return the same again.”

Jacob also revealed that he’s working on a joint “creative” project with his longtime girlfriend Isabela, which they’re keeping a secret for now. Like Jacob, Isabela is passionate about arts and is also a writer and painter. The young couple has been inseparable this past year and even went on a long road trip together, documenting their travels in their YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, the biggest question for LPBW fans is whether they’ll be seeing Jacob Roloff on the show again. Little People, Big World is slated to air a brand-new season this winter or spring, and film crews have already been spotted at the Roloff Farms. Jacob is currently back with his family and has been spending a lot of time with his siblings. Is he ready to go back to the show?

Many fans certainly hope so. Jacob appeared with the rest of his family during his sister Molly’s wedding in August. Although unconfirmed, fans think that the wedding will be included in the new season. It is, after all, a major family affair and a big milestone for the Roloff family.

More recently, Jacob also happily posed with the entire LPBW family for their 2017 pumpkin season family portrait. This means that all is well in Matt and Amy Roloff’s family, despite their separation and Jacob’s different outlook in life.

[Featured Image by Jacob Roloff/Instagram]