NYC Truck Attack Leaves 8 Dead: ISIS Called For Halloween Attacks In Circulated Publication

A driver in a rental truck mowed down New Yorkers along a New York City bike path as they enjoyed a cool fall afternoon on Tuesday. This rental truck has left eight people dead in its wake. Six people died on the pavement after the truck rolled through and another two people died at the hospital, according to Fox News live coverage Tuesday night.

According to CBS News, the mayor of New York City is calling this an “act of terror.” The suspect was shot and wounded but taken into police custody. Along with the mayor addressing this as an act of terror, he also called it “a very painful day in our city.” The man shouted “Allah Akbar” as he jumped out of the truck he was driving after he rammed it into a school bus.

According to the Gateway Pundit, “Recently, ISIS has called for attacks on Halloween celebrations, warning ‘get out before it’s too late.” Today ISIS circulated an image of the Eiffel Tower, with the picture of a knife dripping blood over the French tourist attraction. They did this while making a call for “lone jihadists to attack on Halloween.”

ISIS has its own magazine and for the last two years, it has pushed their followers to engage in “truck attacks” with last year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade pinpointed as a suggested target. This was conveyed by ISIS with a picture of one of the previous annual Thanksgiving parades along with the caption “excellent target” posted in their magazine.

The terror group has an English-language magazine called Rumiyah and it tells its readers that anyone behind the wheel of a vehicle can “inflict as much or more damage than a regular military fighter,” according to an article published last year by Market Watch. Today’s attack was reminiscent of the attack in France on Bastille Day last year when a truck mowed down and killed 86 and injured 400, according to the many news reports.

According to Fox News live coverage, today is Halloween and New Yorkers celebrate this holiday with all types of costumes. To say if you see anything out of the norm today report it, is almost an impossible task, as the costumes and celebrations mirror many strange things for this holiday.

The Home Depot rental truck came from a Home Depot in New Jersey about 15 miles mile from this attack. The suspect rented the truck and drove it to NYC where the truck entered the bike path and mowed down cyclists and people walking. The Home Depot parking lot where that truck was rented is roped off around two cars, according to the live coverage from Fox.

According to the Daily Mail, “The Rumiyah publication has openly called for and praised previously terror attacks, including incidents in London, Paris, and Manchester.” The call ISIS has made for vehicle attacks has been obliged by lone wolves in the past year. While nothing official has been said as of this time, there is plenty of suggestions across the TV news coverage that this just may be one of those ISIS truck attacks.

[Featured Image by Venturelli Luca/Shutterstock]