Hillary Clinton Plans To Wear Halloween Costume That Demonstrates Wishful Thinking?

Hillary Clinton was still on her book tour promoting her book What Happen when she landed in Chicago for yet another interview on Monday. During these interviews, Hillary has demonstrated the uncanny knack of being able to pull from the contents of her book something she can add to the headlines of the day.

She also answered some personal Hillary Clinton questions, with one being what she is planning to wear as a Halloween costume this year. The answer to that question was very telling, suggested the Fox News anchors while airing a clip of Hillary at that Chicago interview.

With the charges levied against Trump’s former campaign chairman looming in Washington, Hillary told the audience in Chicago on Monday night, “I have a great chapter about Russia.”

When asked about what she plans to wear as a Halloween costume this year, Hillary made a short pause and then said, “I think I will maybe come as president.”

The Fox News anchors suggested there is still a hint of not being able to let this go coming off Hillary over her loss to Trump. Her choice of Halloween costume also seems to demonstrate some wishful thinking on Hillary’s part, suggests those across social media. Speaking of Fox News, according to the Washington Post, Hillary singled out the cable news channel during her Chicago interview, which was held at the Auditorium Theater of Roosevelt University.

Hillary said, “All the networks except Fox are reporting what’s really going on… It appears they don’t know I’m not president.”


She quipped sarcastically that Fox’s preoccupation with her as the person who is not the president is baffling considering there is big news going on surrounding the person who won the presidency.

As far as her Halloween costume, she didn’t say how she would dress up to convey she’s the president. Some on social media have suggested she might be planning to dress as herself in one of the many pantsuits she’s accumulated over her lifetime. Many of the social media comments convey that her Halloween costume quip seems to demonstrate wishful thinking on her part, as Hillary “really thinks she is or should be our president,” like the one below.


Hillary Clinton has plenty of followers still carrying a torch for her today, almost a year after her ill-fated attempt at the White House. As a previous Inquisitr article describes, there is an event planned across the nation on November 8 to “Scream Helplessly at the Sky on the Anniversary of the Election.”


One of the biggest organized events for this day is slated for the Boston Common in the capital city of Massachusetts, where grown men and women are actually planning to stand in the street, look up at the sky, and “scream.” The maturity level of a demonstration such as this has been discussed to no end across social media, with the majority of comments conveying “get over it,” or something similar to that line. Below are a few comments from Twitter users concerning Hillary on Halloween.


[Featured Image by Patrick Semansky/AP Images]