Father Of Casey Anthony Claims To Have Seen Caylee ‘In The Flesh’ Multiple Times Since Her Death

It’s been almost nine years since the body of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony was found in a wooded area near her home in Orlando, Florida. In a new interview, Casey Anthony’s father is claiming he has seen Caylee “in the flesh” on multiple occasions in his home.

George Anthony and his wife, Cindy, sat down with Chris Hansen for an interview with Crime Watch Daily recently and discussed their daughter Casey, her freedom, and having visions of Caylee in their home.

George admitted to seeing Caylee on various occasions since her death, which Cindy believes is true. When Hansen asked if his vision was an apparition, he adamantly expressed he saw her “in the flesh.” George recalled a night where he was sleeping and was awoken by Caylee tapping on his forehead.

He explained Caylee was telling him to wake up and called him “JoJo,” the name she always called him when she was alive. Hansen asked if perhaps this vision was a dream, which George also shot down. He claimed it was as real as his conversation was in the interview at that moment.

Hansen then questioned how he explained this phenomena, which George replied was due to the “strong spirit that’s in our house.” George also refuted that these encounters were a part of his imagination, and claimed it was just love. He also wished that other people could feel this kind of connection.


George and Cindy also tackled the very difficult topic on their daughter’s guilt or innocence. Hansen flat out asked if their daughter was a killer, and both parents responded with hesitation.

Cindy then turned to her husband and asked “Do you think she intentionally wanted to kill Caylee?”

George responded by saying he didn’t believe Caylee’s death was intentional, but also felt Casey deserved to be in jail for his granddaughter no longer being here.

Casey was found not guilty of murder, aggravated manslaughter of a child, and aggravated child abuse. She was found guilty for providing false information to law enforcement.


George and Cindy do not currently speak to their daughter and claim to want nothing to do with her. Casey’s parents also revealed in their interview that they would sue their daughter if she sold a story about Caylee’s death or went forward with a rumored reality show with OJ Simpson.

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[Featured Image by Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP Images]