Florida Man Claims Girlfriend’s Mutilated Body Is Sex Doll Made From Human Flesh

Florida police have charged a man with abusing a dead body after discovering the mutilated corpse of his girlfriend in his bedroom closet.

Writers for Oxygen note that 32-year-old Jerome Ernest Wright was arrested last Friday after cops found the remains of Deanna Clendinen, 52, in Wright’s home. Wright would go on to explain that the decomposed body was actually a sex doll built with human remains.

As the Miami Herald goes on to say, “the cops didn’t buy” Wright’s story.

The man denied that he murdered Clendinen, but the woman’s body was discovered with lacerations on her stomach and many of her internal organs removed, according to the police. As of Monday, Wright had only been charged with abusing a dead body.

“So far, Wright has denied killing his 52-year-old girlfriend,” Oxygen states in their report.

“He has additionally denied that the corpse is even human. He has not yet been charged with murder,” they go on to say.

Wright’s own mother, Della Rosarie Wright, who shares a home with Jerome, reportedly contacted law enforcement last week after noticing a foul odor coming from her son’s bedroom. Jerome had initially blamed the smell on a dead rodent and dog feces, she later explained.

When cops arrived on scene, they witnessed the man coming out of his bedroom “naked and sweaty.” When asked about his disheveled appeared, Jerome relayed that he had been battling some sort of stomach bug.

mutilated sex doll
The mutilated body of a Florida woman was found in her boyfriend's closet. [Image by alex_bassford98/iStock]

As they entered his bedroom, Jerome supposedly, repeatedly told officers, “if you find something, it’s from the internet.”

Upon entering, cops discovered a trash can with bodily fluids on it, as well as a mattress with similar substances. Looking inside the closet, police found the mutilated body covered in sheets. One of its legs was said to have been sticking out.

“They [then] began questioning Della Wright, who told them she lived alone with her son and that his girlfriend, Clendinen, 52, often stayed with her son,” the Miami Herald writes.

“She told police that when she asked her son what the smell was, he said ‘he saw a rat in his room, had diarrhea and that the dog defecated on the floor.'”

When they questioned Jerome, he told them that whatever they discovered in his room was not real. He then gave the excuse about the mutilated body being a sex doll that was composed of human flesh.


Wright had been previously arrested last March with aggravated battery against Clendinen and was on parole for the charge when he was picked up by police last week.

Murder charges are said to be pending for the man who claimed the mutilated body was a sex doll.

[Featured Image by Miami-Dade Corrections]