Reality Star Ariane Bellamar Accuses Jeremy Piven Of Sexual Assault On Twitter

Reality star Ariane Bellamar, who appeared in an episode of Entourage alongside Jeremy Piven, has accused the actor of sexual assault in a tweet posted to her social media account. In the tweet, which was posted on October 30, Bellamar addressed Piven directly and asked him if he remembered what he did to her while on the set of his series.

In her tweet, Ariane Bellamar asked the actor if he remembers that time when he apparently cornered her while in his trailer on the set of Entourage. She then asked Jeremy Piven if he remembers “grabbing my boobies” while sitting on the couch in that same trailer, all without ever asking her for permission.

That first tweet from Ariane Bellamar was then followed up by more tweets in which she asks Piven about other things that he allegedly did to her. In the next tweet, Bellamar indicated that there were actually two separate occasions where Jeremy Piven sexually assaulted her. According to Fox News, the first time that the actor cornered the reality star was at the Playboy Mansion while the second instance occurred on the set of Entourage. This tweet was used to clarify that Piven had apparently fondled both her chest and butt forcefully after he had cornered her on two different occasions.

Another tweet mentions that Ariane Bellamar tried to get away from Jeremy Piven, but that he did not let her go. Instead, she says that he grabbed her butt and then looked at the two of them together in the mirror, before allegedly saying that they made a “beautiful couple.”

Jeremy Piven is the latest person to be added to the list of not only producers and Hollywood bigwigs but also actors who have been accused of sexual harassment and assault. In the wake of the ever-growing Harvey Weinstein scandal, men and women have been stepping forward to share their own stories of allegedly having been assaulted by someone in the industry who may have more influence and power than them.

While Ariane Bellamar posted her tweets on Monday, following a weekend in which Kevin Spacey was also accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with another actor, Jeremy Piven has yet to respond to the reality star’s accusations. On October 31, Piven was actually interviewed by the Build Series from AOL, but the allegations were not brought up, nor did the actor address them himself. The actor has also not responded to requests for comment from media outlets, such as Fox News.

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]