Trump Official Portrait Released By White House On October 31 Amid Questions About Trump's Indictment [Photo]

The White House released a photo of President Donald Trump on Tuesday, October 31, which is the official portrait. The timing of the photo's release is being questioned by social media users, especially in the midst of the controversy that has followed "Indictment Monday." Not only are jokes ensuing about the White House choosing to release a photo of Trump on Halloween, but more serious concerns are afoot, as the White House released the official portraits of both President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

As seen in the below photos from Twitter, questions about additional indictments that could be forthcoming have riled up social media users. Investigative journalists are digging into the labeling and numbering system of the sealed indictment to try and ascertain which members of the Trump campaign could be next on the indictment list. In the meantime, the release of the official Trump photo is being viewed as a distractive device by social media users who are more concerned about the ongoing investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

According to CNBC, the official photos of Pence and Trump from the White House were released to the public more than nine months after Trump took office in January. The photos will be distributed when thousands of copies are given to various government agencies, including post offices and other federal agencies.

As seen in the above photo, investigative USA Today reporter Steve Reilly noted the four sealed cases that the U.S. District Court of D.C. has in their dockets between the indictments that rocked the political world on Monday, October 30. As seen in the next tweet, the fact that the indictment for Rick Gates and Paul Manafort was labeled as "Indictment B" has the world wondering who could be the subject of "Indictment A."
The Palmer Report thinks that "Indictment A" could have Trump's name on it, however, according to Snopes, the theory of a sealed indictment having been issued against Trump is currently unproven. Folks like Claude Taylor predicted a sealed indictment against Trump way back in May, and until that news is officially and widely released, the reports will remain unproven.
In the meantime, Trump's photo is now available to replace the photos of former President Barack Obama that adorn federal buildings and the like.

President Trump's new official photo was released.
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[Featured Image by White House/AP Images]