Kelly Dodd Reveals How Badly Peggy Sulahian Has Treated Her

Kelly Dodd was worried for Vicki Gunvalson during their trip to Iceland, as Vicki was rushed to the emergency room. She thought she was having a heart attack and Dodd tried to tell her to calm down. But whatever Kelly was doing or saying, Peggy Sulahian was there, trying to put a wedge between Kelly and Vicki. While she kept saying she wanted the best for Gunvalson, it was clear that Peggy was constantly going after Kelly. In the end, Dodd reacted to Peggy's constant comments and gestures, asking her to please stop. She seemed so frustrated that it wouldn't be surprising if she had pushed Sulahian out of the way in trying to get to Vicki.

After The Real Housewives of Orange County aired last night on Bravo, Dodd faced some comments from viewers. They thought she was being too mean to the new housewife. According to a new tweet, Kelly Dodd admits she was being mean to Sulahian, but she adds that she was only being mean because Peggy was harsh back.

"She's mean to me!! They don't show half the s**t she does to me. She pinches my stomach! Tells me what 2 do! Yeah I'm mean b/c she is!" Kelly Dodd revealed on Twitter, adding in a separate tweet, "Yes, I am mean because she is mean!!

It's interesting that Kelly Dodd is revealing that Peggy does some odd things, such as pinch her stomach. Maybe Peggy is trying to communicate something she wants to say, but can't find a way to say it. But Kelly may feel that Peggy is trying to tell her something that's out of line and she's now calling out her co-star for her behavior. It's clear that these two can't get along, especially since Sulahian tried to be Vicki's best friend during the trip to Iceland.

Of, Peggy was breaking down in Iceland because she was reminded of her own father, who had struggled with his health before he died. Plus, she had gone through breast cancer and had been in and out of the hospital. Some viewers felt she was being genuine, while others felt she was trying to make Vicki's health scare all about herself.

What do you think about Kelly Dodd's comments about Peggy's behavior when the cameras aren't on her? Do you think it's innocent behavior or do you think she's trying to rattle Kelly?

[Featured Image by David Becker/Getty Images for Showtime]