'Walking Dead' Fans React On Twitter To Negan And Season Finale Death Scene

Going into Sunday night's Season 6 season finale of The Walking Dead, there are a few things that fans already knew. First of all, they knew that the character of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) would be introduced this season, and since he hasn't appeared yet in any of the episodes, it was no mystery he would make an appearance tonight. Second, through spoilers and cast interviews throughout Season 6, everyone already knew that there was gonna be a huge death scene at the end of this episode, even if they weren't exactly sure who would be killed or if they'd even know who died, as spoilers said The Walking Dead could end on a huge cliffhanger for next season.

The Walking Dead dished out some answers tonight, and fans lit Twitter up with their anger, horror, and distress at one of the most brutal episodes of The Walking Dead ever.

The episode started with Maggie (Lauren Cohan) needing transport to the Hilltop group because of a medical emergency with her pregnancy, and way too many of the characters insisted on riding along in the RV with her for protection. Of course, Walking Dead fans pretty much knew they were getting in the RV of Death where at least one of them wouldn't be coming home.

Morgan found a horse and then found Carol in a curled-up, bloody mess, prompting a Twitter outpouring for Carol, Morgan, and his new horse.
walking dead walkers
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With the RV of Death loaded to the hilt with most of The Walking Dead fans' most beloved characters, they found themselves running into roadblocks set up by Negan's men while trying to reach the Hilltop community. As Rick and the gang tried to avoid a fight and kept retreating, each roadblock got progressively worse.

Walking Dead fans went nuts during that touching scene between Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt), with most Walking Dead fans thinking it meant one of them was going to die and that Eugene was a goner after coming up with a brilliant plan to get Maggie to Hilltop, but setting himself up for the sacrifice.But of course, Walking Dead fans knew Eugene's brilliant plan would all be in vain, right? As the group carried Maggie through the woods, there was that eerie whistling again, and they walked right into a huge trap with no hope of escape.

And then the moment that fans of The Walking Dead had been anticipating and dreading was upon them as The Big Bad Wolf, aka Negan, emerged from the shadows of the RV of Death. Yes, Negan made his official entrance. Many Walking Dead fans, even as they were shaking with nervous anticipation, noted that despite their fear of the character, Negan was kinda hot. But then Negan's men brought out Michonne, Glenn, and Daryl to join the rest of the group on the chopping block.

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Any Walking Dead fans who heard the leaked audio of the last scene can verify it was real, although the screams at the end seemed considerably muted, which shouldn't be too surprising given a character's name was heard by many in the audio. But as predicted in one of the endless Walking Dead spoilers, Negan and Lucille's victim was not revealed, causing anger among many fans.

Others loved and praised the episode. Obviously, they were the kids who actually waited till Christmas to open their presents without trying to find their hiding place before they were wrapped.So sorry, Walking Dead fans, you'll have to wait untill October to know who died tonight on The Walking Dead.[Photo by Gene Page/AMC]