‘Odd Mom Out’ Star Jill Kargman And Designer Tory Burch Fight At Celeb Halloween Bash

Irony abounded as two one-percenters, Odd Mom Out star Jill Kargman and designer Tory Burch had a blowout at a French Revolution-themed Halloween party. Obviously, Kargman and Tory Burch did not expect to come face to face, but the bad blood had obviously been brewing from the perspective of Tory Burch. The designer felt she was mocked recently by Kargman on the canceled Odd Mom Out and didn’t plan to let it go anytime soon.

Even though it’s been months since Burch was mocked on Jill Kargman’s show, Odd Mom Out, designer Tory Burch is still angry, and seeing Jill Kargman at the Halloween party reportedly brought it all back. On an episode of Odd Mom Out, a scripted comedy/satire show now canceled by Bravo, Kargman had a character mock Tory Burch and her charity, the Tory Burch Foundation. It seems that Tory Burch either didn’t get Kargman’s joke or didn’t think it was funny. According to the crowd, it was obvious that Tory Burch didn’t think that Kargman was funny either but rather finds her spiteful.

On Odd Mom Out, the character of Brooke von Weber is being interviewed for Vanity Fair, and the topic of Tory Burch’s charity comes up in a biting fashion.

“I heard Tory Burch started a charity to empower gold diggers to stand up to their oppressors and divorce their husbands. It’s called Melania’s Tower.”


It seems that either Jill Kargman touched on a sensitive spot or this is the first time the two ladies have seen each other since the episode of Odd Mom Out aired. Either way, designer Tory Burch isn’t letting it go.

“What you did was incredibly rude to women who are trying hard to make ends meet. They are not gold diggers, my foundation is to help women entrepreneurs. The line you said about me on your show was pathetic.”

But Jill Kargman reportedly held her ground and told Burch to take a joke.

“It was a joke in a comedy show,” adding that Burch didn’t have a sense of humor, saying, “Your behavior is crazy!”

The stand-off ended when Tory Burch told Kargman to take a good look at herself.

“You should take a good look in the mirror because you won’t like what you see!”

The star-studded crowd dressed in powdered wigs and opulent gowns were agog at the interaction between Jill Kargman and Tory Burch at the Halloween party. Later, Kargman explained that the line was meant as a joke, and if Tory Burch watched the show, she would realize that the character of Brooke wants to be Tory Burch more than anything. Kargman said it was meant as an homage.

But in a statement yesterday, designer Tory Burch continues to say that women should build each other up without taking what she perceives to be cheap shots disguised as comedy.

“I don’t think there’s anything funny about the wage gap or the obstacles women in business continue to face.”


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But Tory Burch won’t have to worry about being the butt of the joke on Jill Kargman’s show Odd Mom Out anymore because the final episode aired on September 13. Odd Mom Out had three seasons as a scripted show on Bravo but was not renewed due to flagging ratings, according to Variety.

“The show’s third season on the NBCUniversal-owned cable channel averaged a 0.19 Nielsen live-plus-same-day rating in the 18-49 demo and 517,000 total viewers.”

But Jill Kargman still has plenty of fans who can’t wait for her next post-Odd Mom Out venture. Kargman’s take on “Ivanka-esque faux feminism” continues to strike a nerve, and while it doesn’t appeal to everyone, it sounds like big names like Tory Burch are listening.

Are you surprised that Odd Mom Out star Jill Kargman and designer Tory Burch mixed it up at a Halloween party? Whose side are you on?

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