Kathy Griffin Has 'Lost Her Mind,' Says Friend Who's Worried About Her Mental Stability

Is Kathy Griffin losing all touch with reality? Friends are reportedly worried over the comedienne's mental stability after a 17-minute video she posted online in which she blames everyone for her dwindling career.

Radar Online reports that those close to Kathy Griffin fear she's "lost her mind" and has come "unhinged." A longtime friend is saying that Kathy doesn't feel like she has anything to lose at this point, so she just doesn't "give a f**k anymore." So much has gone awry since the horrific photo shoot in which she was holding a fake bloody head depicting President Donald Trump, that it's causing Griffin to have open meltdowns expressed through scathing rants.

Instead of just dialing back her outrage and refraining from lashing out publicly, Kathy Griffin is feeding off her own rage. She's attacking everyone from her management team to famous friends she's had for years. Those concerned about Kathy wish she'd take a break from the spotlight and get some help, Radar Online's source reveals.

"Everyone around her feels like she should get help and stay away from the spotlight for a while, but Kathy isn't listening to anyone," says the insider.

Kathy Griffin slammed Bravo's Andy Cohen of Watch What Happened Live when he joked to TMZ that he didn't know her after news surfaced that he'll be replacing her on CNN's New Year's Eve special with Anderson Cooper. Griffin then alleged that Cohen pushed cocaine on her twice and has done the same to all guests who appear on his show. She also accused him of being "deeply misogynistic." As Us Weekly reports, Cohen was trying to be clever in reciting Mariah Carey's infamous line about Jennifer Lopez when she said, "I'm trying to remember her."

Several venues for Griffin's tour have been dropped, and she's been receiving death threats that have deeply troubled her. She hired famous L.A. attorney, Lisa Bloom, but managed to "sabotage" their relationship when she didn't stick to their agreed dialogue. Kathy did things her way by making her own statements at a press conference.
The source adds "no one knows what to do or say" because Kathy is ultimately responsible for her own undoing. No one is interested in working with her now, and the recent video she posted didn't help matters.

"She is without a team right now and is making all of these irrational decisions on her own," the source explains.

Is there reason to worry that Kathy Griffin is seriously coming unhinged in light of her scandals?

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