'The Voice': Jennifer Hudson Gets Reminded That The Show's 'Not About Her'

The Voice fans had a bit of a reminder for Jennifer Hudson after she appeared on the show's knockout rounds on October 30. After the star joined forces with her fellow American Idol contestant Kelly Clarkson on the most recent episode, some viewers felt the singer may have been making things more about herself than her team.

A number of Twitter users called out Hudson – who joined the series for the first time this year – claiming as the October 30 episode aired that she was making the show more about herself than her team and the contestants hoping to make it big.

"Jennifer Hudson hasn't figured out The Voice is not about her," wrote one Twitter fan during the knockout rounds as the star took her seat alongside Kelly and her fellow coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Miley Cyrus.

"Please remind Jennifer that The Voice is not about her. Hoping she exits the show. She is super annoying," another then hit back on the social media site.

A third viewer then chimed in amid the backlash surrounding the mom of one on the October 30 episode, writing, "Can someone please remind Jennifer that The Voice is not all about her, it's about the contestants. #TheVoice."

But despite some fans calling her out across social media, it's not all bad news for Jennifer when it comes to her stint on the NBC talent search.

Though not everyone was a fan of her latest appearance on the singing show, which is currently in its 13th season, some viewers made it known that they're actually loving getting to see the Oscar winner showing off her fun and boisterous personality on the show.

Some claimed that it was actually thanks to Hudson nabbing a chair alongside Miley, Blake, and Adam last month that they were watching again this season.

'The Voice' fans call out Jennifer Hudson for making the show
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"Jennifer you single-handily caused me to watch The Voice again after stopping for several years," Twitter user @puathecat told the "Spotlight" singer via social media. "You rock on that show!"

"Jennifer is the only reason I watch The Voice," another agreed, contrary to the complaints about Hudson's latest appearance on the series during the knockout stages.

But good or bad, it seems like Hudson wasn't letting the fan response get to her.

The singer shared a number of clips from the knockout rounds on Instagram this week, where she praised her team as fans chimed in on her coaching techniques.

"@davonflemingofficial definitely delivered on @nbcthevoice tonight!" Hudson captioned one video from the October 30 show posted to her official Instagram account. "He called, I answered! N then he answered back! Lol."

Jennifer also recently used the social media site to confirm that she'll be leaving The Voice next year to return to the U.K. version of the show, calling the British version of the talent search her "home away from home."

Season 13 of The Voice airs on NBC on both Monday and Tuesday nights.

What do you think of The Voice viewers' take on Jennifer Hudson? Does she need to be reminded that the show isn't all about her?

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