Jenelle Evans Is Shutting Out Her Fans: 'Teen Mom 2' Star Slowly Disappearing From Spotlight?

Jenelle Evans has distanced herself from the spotlight she used to love over the past couple of weeks. The Teen Mom 2 star has revealed that she wants nothing to do with MTV or the show because she feels that the producers aren't respecting her. She is tired of always having a negative storyline and when David Eason got angry with Kaiser, Jenelle threatened to quit the show. Viewers were quick to call him abusive, and he was clearly upset about how much the network meddled in their relationship. When confronted with the news that the producers knew about a massive fight they had, he got angry and denied that something had happened.

According to her Instagram account, Jenelle Evans is continuing to post content despite deleting her Twitter account recently. Jenelle revealed that she needed to take some time away from the spotlight and she deleted her Twitter account. Evans kept her Instagram profile and she has been sharing photos with fans. But the two newest posts are different than the rest. She has disabled commenting on both photos, and fans can no longer engage with her. It's an interesting way of cutting out her fans and creating a way to communicate with fans while leaving everyone else out.

Ever since Jenelle Evans left Twitter, fans have been worried about her. People believe that David Eason is abusive, angry, and jealous, and some of her fans are concerned about her safety. Some people have even said that they wouldn't be surprised if Jenelle's body was found in the woods on her property because David snapped. Of course, these are crazy theories, but it's clear that fans are worried about her safety. Plus, it seems odd that she married an abuser and is then continuing to distance herself from the public eye. She threatened to quit Teen Mom 2, she deleted her Twitter account, and now she's pushing away her fans as they can no longer communicate with her.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans' decision to disable commenting for her fans? Do you think she's slowly removing herself from the spotlight because she's tired of being judged all the time?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]