November 1, 2017
Hollywood Pedophilia: After Corey Feldman, Anthony Rapp, Kevin Spacey, What More Can Be Revealed?

When Corey Feldman threatened to expose the child sex abuse he experienced, the public did not seem to be interested. However, when a similar case in the 1980s involving Kevin Spacey came to light, the public and media focused their attention on this issue. Feldman has also stated that he would mention names involved in Hollywood pedophilia. We can expect to see more cases come to light.

Following sexual harassment scandals that entangled some Hollywood moguls, pedophilia and child sex abuse allegations also began to emerge. Corey Feldman boldly asked people who witnessed the sexual abuse in Hollywood to come forward. For years, Feldman has tried to expose the cases and has said that he and his fellow child actor Corey Haim were the victims of the pedophilia.

Actor Anthony Rapp answered the request from Corey Feldman. The 46-year-old actor came forward on Sunday, October 29, about how Kevin Spacey allegedly made inappropriate sexual advances toward him in 1986. Rapp was 14 while Spacey was 26 at the time.

Rapp has openly admitted that he is gay. He explained that his reason to disclose his bitter experience was to expose Hollywood pedophilia and sexual harassment. He wanted to stand together with fellow victims of sexual harassment in Hollywood to make a difference.

Corey Feldman and Corey Haim in this picture from July 27, 2007, during the premiere of 'The Two Coreys' in Hollywood, California. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Anthony Rapp, Corey Feldman, and Corey Haim are just some of the alleged victims of pedophilia cases in Hollywood. More than that, other actors such as Asia Argento, Ashley Judd, Natassia Malthe, and Dominique Huett have also come forward to expose the sexual harassment they suffered. They all shared a similar shameful feeling after allegedly being harassed by moguls and big names in the industry.

The serious cases of sexual harassment and pedophilia has become a stain in the face of Hollywood. Moreover, the alleged perpetrators are the well-known figures in the industry. Therefore, they have the power to cover their action, but that will not last any longer.

With many actors coming forward to expose the sexual abuse they suffered, Corey Feldman is more determined to expose cases of Hollywood pedophilia. It will be worth waiting to see more cases and stories come to light.[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]