October 31, 2017
New York Knicks Trade Rumors: Team Turns Down Offer From Phoenix Suns

New York Knicks trade rumors continue to link the team to Eric Bledsoe of the Phoenix Suns, but there doesn't appear to be mutual interest in the situation. A report by the New York Post states that Knicks' team president Steve Mills has been actively trying to "shut down trade rumors" that might involve point guard Frank Ntilikina. That is one of the players, along with center Willy Hernangomez, who NBA analysts have said would be a package that could attract the Suns.

The Suns are trying to find a good package of players in exchange for Bledsoe, who has worn out his welcome with the front office in Phoenix. The team recently sent him home in order to clear the way to work on a deal. It has led to quite a few NBA trade rumors, with the New York Knicks coming up as one of many teams that could use a new "star" point guard. While he could certainly improve the Knicks in the short-term, the team hadn't been viewed as competitive enough to make a deal like this one.

There's nothing easier than putting NBA trade rumors to bed by going on a winning streak and that is exactly what the New York Knicks have done. Despite losing their first three games of the 2017-18 NBA season, the Knicks are now on a three-game winning streak that includes a 116-110 win over the Denver Nuggets on Monday night (October 30). This follows a 114-95 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday (October 29) that shocked the basketball world.

With a young core of Kristaps Porzingis (22-years-old), Willy Hernangomez (23), and Frank Ntilikina (19), the future certainly looks bright for the Knicks. While the roster is very unproven, it is also a departure from what the franchise has tried to do in recent years. The Carmelo Anthony trade has taken the team in a new direction. Yet acquiring a player like Eric Bledsoe, who is really good on offense but a liability on defense, could cause the team to take a step back.

Speaking about his young players, GM Steve Mills had a lot of positive things to say in his interview with the New York Post.

"We're committed to [Ntilikina] and his development. What we're trying to do with this team, it centers around guys like Frank, [Kristaps Porzingis], draft picks moving forward. I feel really good about him."
It has been confirmed by numerous sources that the Phoenix Suns have reached out to the Knicks about dealing Eric Bledsoe for some of these young assets. What might surprise some fans of the Knicks, though, is that Mills is showing no interest in dealing any of them. Letting this trio continue to improve could be a great way for the franchise to finally undertake an active rebuild. Next up for the New York Knicks is a game against the Houston Rockets on November 1, which could also be a good test for the defense.

[Featured Image by Jason Miller/Getty Images]