Major Update On Roman Reigns' Health Status After Today's Re-evaluation

Due to a viral illness, Roman Reigns has missed the past couple of weeks of WWE television, house shows, and WWE TLC. Immediately after the reunion of The Shield, Roman got sick and his absence has derailed all creative plans for the trio's second run. WWE officials have adjusted, but everyone is waiting for Roman Reigns' return to television and the expectation is it will happen before WWE Survivor Series next month.

It's being reported that Roman Reigns will be making his WWE return within the next two to three weeks before WWE Survivor Series and he's expected to be a part of Team Raw. Apparently, WWE officials won't have Raw retaliate against SmackDown Live until just before the PPV. The reason why they're doing it this way is to capitalize on Roman's return to television and give Team Raw a big boost heading into the event.

On paper, Reigns involvement in the match could signal that WWE officials are planning for Team Raw to win the five on five traditional elimination match. Roman Reigns returning to help turn the tide for Raw at WWE Survivor Series would bring him right back into the fold. It's also been reported that the powers that be are expected to reunite "The Hounds of Justice" after the event as well. The trio's run is still happening.

When Roman Reigns Returns So Will The Shield
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The WWE Universe has been patient following Roman's illness. Their run won't follow the original creative plans, but the powers that be have every intention bringing back The Shield for a few months after Reigns' return to Raw. The hope is the run will earn Roman Reigns favor with the fans before he receives another major push heading into WrestleMania 34 where he's expected to win the WWE Universal Championship.

It's been reported that Roman Reigns is expected to feud with Kane shortly after his return to television. A lot of people have been complaining about it, but The Big Red Machine has received a major push since his own return to Raw. Apparently, the purpose of it will be to put over Reigns when the time is right and news of The Undertaker's upcoming return during the 25th-anniversary show of Raw may be a tie-in for Roman.

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