'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Criticized For Photographing Baby Daughter With Pit Bull

Some Teen Mom fans are not too happy to see Jenelle Evans posing her young daughter with the family dog.

Evans photographed her 10-month-old daughter Ensley with the family's pit bull this week, which triggered a few of her Instagram followers.

Ensley is seen wearing a fall-themed outfit as she smiles for the camera atop a wooden wagon, which was used during Evans' recent wedding to David Eason.

Jenelle shared a few photos from the shoot as the last one depicts the pit bull smelling the toddler's face. This image was enough to set off more than a few commenters as Jenelle's social media followers shared their opinions.

One Instagram user said she wishes she could share photos of a family member post-pit bull attack. Another asked Jenelle why her dog appears to have so many scars on its face, perhaps implying it's violent or abused.

Yet another commenter weighed in to say that while pit bulls can be loving, they're also unpredictable.

"That's not true my dad had a pit bull and while she was very loving, she did try to attack a child once. Pits are unpredictable not all are but some are even when you treat them with love."
The comments kept rolling in as one user said pit bull attacks are under-reported in response to seeing baby Ensley posing with the breed.However, some fans came to Jenelle's defense as they stated pit bulls are misunderstood and— are in fact— very gentle dogs.
"People are too quick to judge pits only because of the names and a**holes owners. I agree they are such sweet gentle dogs and very miss understood."
Evans also jumped to defend her decision to allow her dog to get so close to Ensley as she said pit bulls are known for being "babysitter" dogs to young children.

Jenelle also thanked fans for their positive comments as she told them she would let her daughter know how many people said she's beautiful.

This isn't the first time Evans has faced scrutiny over her dogs, though. As reported by the Hollywood Gossip earlier this year, the MTV star was accused of animal abuse after 2014 footage aired of her yelling at dogs went viral.

"She screamed at the poor animals for no real reason, but worse, the reality star kept them locked in tiny crates in the garage."
The site goes on to list times when Evans wasn't so kind to her dogs as it also includes an April 2017 Snapchat photo of her pit bulls huddled together on her front porch.
"The dogs looked to be huddled up together for warmth, as close to the house as possible so that perhaps their owners would let them in out of the cold."
OK! magazine also reported on Jenelle's history of animal abuse allegations in a 2016 article explaining why fans were so upset over her decision to get another puppy.

However, Evans is known to share videos of her dogs to Snapchat, in which they appear happy and healthy. In fact, she talks about how much she cares about her animals as they're seen bonding with the family during outdoor activities.

What do you think about baby Ensley posing with the family dog?

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]