Megyn Kelly Fired? 'Today' Show Feud With Matt Lauer, Sinking Ratings Fuel Rumors Of Kelly's Exit

Megyn Kelly could soon be fired from the Today show, with rumors of her exit intensifying amid continued low ratings and reports of a feud with Matt Lauer.

Kelly stumbled out of the gate on her gig on the popular morning show, enduring a disastrous first week that included difficult interviews and on-screen flubs. It has not gotten much smoother for Kelly in the weeks that followed, leading to steadily growing rumors that the former Fox News host could be fired from the show after staying there just a few weeks.

Those rumors came to a head with a report in In Touch claiming that Megyn Kelly was in an "explosive battle" with Matt Lauer and that one of them would be fired. The report claimed that Lauer and Kelly resent each other and have clashed behind the scenes.

That feud boiled over when Kelly was left out of the show's coverage of the Las Vegas shooting, an insider claimed.

"Megyn complained about being left on the sidelines. [Matt] was in no mood to hear it. Let's just say the exchange got heated," a source told the magazine.

Those claims seemed to be backed up with a new report from the New York Post's Page Six that Matt Lauer dissed Megyn Kelly behind the scenes. The report claimed that Lauer was speaking to an industry insider who said that agents were advising their clients not to appear with Kelly, and Lauer seemed to agree with their reasoning.

"It's a big problem for them," Lauer reportedly said, referring to the risk of appearing in a disastrous interview with Kelly.

That is not the only bad news to emerge for Megyn Kelly in the past few days. Page Six previously reported that her hour is suffering disastrously low ratings, and a new poll from Rasmussen Reports found that Kelly had a net-unfavorable score, with only 6 percent saying they had a very favorable opinion of her and 28 percent saying they were somewhat favorable versus 45 percent who had an unfavorable view of her.

Despite the growing rumors that Megyn Kelly could be fired, there appears to be no official indication from the Today show that her job could be in danger. And previous reports have noted that Matt Lauer endured a similar down spell after his part in Ann Curry's firing, but he recovered and now enjoys more solid footing on the show.

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