'General Hospital' Spoilers: New Promo Hints Meeting Between Patient 6 And Sam, Jason In Panic Mode

General Hospital spoilers suggest Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) will struggle with the truth. Two men claim to be her husband, but only one is the real Jason. This week, Patient 6 (Steve Burton) will reveal himself to the rest of Port Charles. Jason's loved ones will feel panic, tension, and confusion when this happens and many people will naturally take sides.

In last week's episode of General Hospital, Sonny advised Patient 6 whom he believes to be the real Jason to reveal himself. However, chaos erupted at the Aurora Media party and armed men kidnapped Sam. Patient 6 will rush to Sam's rescue right away, and spoilers tease he will save her from drowning.

Patient 6 rushing in with Sam in his hands will be quite a shock, although Sam's condition will be the top priority. The current Jason will inform Sonny an impostor wants to take his place, but the mob boss is bent on believing Patient 6 over him. Meanwhile, the current Jason will sit by Sam's bedside while telling her he is "her Jason."

Carly might have misgivings about the man claiming to be Patient 6, but eventually, she will believe his story. General Hospital spoilers tease she will give him a nudge to appear before Sam and tell her the truth. It seems like Patient 6 will pay Sam a visit at the hospital. Seeing classic Jason's face will definitely be a huge shocker for Sam - this means a lot of big changes for her and her family.

Two men claiming to be Jason will be chaotic for Port Charles, someone is definitely lying. Spoilers tease the current Jason will ask for Curtis' (Donnell Turner) help to resolve this issue. It seems like clues will steer Curtis in the right direction, and Franco (Roger Howarth) could provide a lot of help in explaining the existence of two Jason Morgans.

Right now, it's definitely Jason versus Jason, but spoilers tease a bigger threat could force the twins to work together to protect their family. General Hospital spoilers tease Franco will confront Andre about his involvement with the man behind the chaos in Sam and Jason's party. Andre will confess he knows more than he is letting on. Spoilers also suggest Andre will warn Franco that there's a force bigger than all of them.

Whoever is behind the plot to keep Patient 6 in a hospital in Russia is up to something. General Hospital spoilers tease more plot twists in the upcoming weeks as Jason and Drew face more threats.

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