'Infamous' Devs Stun With 'Ghost Of Tsushima,' An Open-World Samurai Game Set In Feudal Japan

Sucker Punch has already made a name for itself as one of Sony's first-party developers with the Sly Cooper and Infamous series. The studio just introduced an all-new franchise with the Feudal Japan-era Ghost of Tsushima Monday at Paris Games Week for the PlayStation 4.

In development for three-and-a-half years, Ghost of Tsushima was one of the real surprises from the PlayStation media event at Paris Games Week which primarily featured known quantities. The title is an action stealth game in an open-world set on the Japanese island of Tsushima in 1274.

PS4 fans may want to start brushing up on their eastern history lessons at this point to learn more about this period. This is when the infamous Mongol horde set their sights on the island situated between the main island of Japan and the Korean coast. Sucker Punch explained in an accompanying interview video that this gave them a clear hero, villain, and stakes for the video game.

Tsushima is a large island that will be filled with different villages and landmarks for players to explore. Interestingly, Sucker Punch says there are no waypoints in the game. Instead, the developers want to present players with something "different and exotic" to attract players attention enough to check out new areas.

A village in Ghost of Tsushima.
[Image by Sucker Punch/Sony]

Ghosts of Tsushima will put players in the role of a samurai named Jin fighting back against the Mongol Empire invading the island. There are only brief glimpses of what might be described as gameplay with the hero throwing a smoke bomb at a Mongol on horseback and another shot of him dropping down onto a rider from above.

There is no release date for Ghost of Tushima yet. However, a 2018 release seems possible with three and a half years of development already logged for the game. This appears to be another PS4 Pro showcase made at Paris Games Week 2017 to blunt the release of the Xbox One X next week with a flood of hype for PlayStation 4 exclusives. It may just work too as the visuals and landscapes in this new title are far different from what is available on other platforms.

[Featured Image by Sucker Punch/Sony]