Law School Students Charged With Beheading Bird In Las Vegas

Two law students from the University of California Berkeley have been charged with a handful of crimes after allegedly beheading a bird during a trip to Las Vegas.

Authorities said that Justin Teixeira and Eric Cuellar stole an exotic bird from the Flamingo resort and casino on October 12. According to NBC News, both men were captured by surveillance cameras removing the 14-year-old guineafowl from its cage.

The two 24-year-olds then allegedly chased the bird into a bush before emerging with the dead body and the severed head. Both men were seen laughing as they terrorized the animal.

KTVU reports that both men were later spotted tossing the birds remains back and forth outside of the Flamingo resort. The guineafowl named Turk was reportedly a part of the hotel and casino’s Wildlife Habitat.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson said he was particularly disturbed by the law school students’ behavior.

“This was a cruel and malicious act. It is important to hold people accountable for their actions,” he explained.

According to SF Bay, both University of California Berkeley students are facing a number of charges for beheading the bird. While Teixeira is facing felony charges of torturing and killing an animal, Cuellar is staring down a misdemeanor charge of instigating, engaging in, or furthering an act of animal cruelty.

If the law school students are found guilty of the charges currently pending against them, then their careers as lawyers could be in seriously jeopardy. NBC News explains that the State Bar of California requires lawyers to “demonstrate good moral character.”

Both men involved in the decapitation were released on bond. The district attorney said Teixeira and Cuellar are expected to return to Las Vegas for a hearing in February.

If they be found guilty of the crimes, what do you think should happen to the law students who allegedly beheaded a bird in Las Vegas?