Zachary Quinto Slams The Way Kevin Spacey Came Out As A Deflection From Sexual Misconduct Allegations

On October 29 news broke that Kevin Spacey was being accused of sexual misconduct by Anthony Rapp of Star Trek: Discovery. According to Rapp, the incident took place at a party held at the other man's apartment in 1986, when he was just 14-years-old. In the aftermath of Anthony Rapp's reveal, Kevin Spacey chose to issue a statement on Twitter in which he not only said he did not remember anything because he was drinking at the time, but he also chose to come out and tell the world that he was gay. This decision to come out in light of the sexual misconduct allegations has led many to slam Spacey for choosing this moment to tell the world he was gay, including another Star Trek star, Zachary Quinto.

In a statement posted by Quinto on his own Twitter page, he slammed Kevin Spacey for what he feels is a deflection from the matter at hand. As People Magazine reported, Zachary Quinto had a lot to say about Spacey's own statement about the accusation.

According to Quinto, "it is deeply sad and troubling that this is how Kevin Spacey has chosen to come out." The Star Trek actor pointed out that Spacey did not choose to come out as a "point of pride" after his many years of accomplishments and awards. Instead, he called the other man's coming out a "calculated manipulation to deflect attention" from the very serious allegations that have been levied against him by Anthony Rapp.

Zachary Quinto followed up his statement against Kevin Spacey by then lending his support to Rapp. In fact, he made it clear that his hope is that it is Anthony Rapp's voice who is heard, rather than Spacey's in this instance.

Quinto said that he is "sorry to hear of Anthony Rapp's experience and subsequent suffering," while also being upset that Kevin Spacey only felt the need to acknowledge his truth "when he though it would serve him." According to Zachary Quinto, this acknowledgment that he is gay is serving Spacey in much the same way as his apparent "denial served him for so many years."

Zachary Quinto ended his statement by saying that his hope is that it is Anthony Rapp who has his voice amplified in this situation. As the actor pointed out, it is the victim's of sexual assault, rape, and other instances of sexual misconduct who should and deserve to have their voices heard.

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