'The Bachelorette Australia' Stars Sophie Monk, Stu Laundy Dismiss Breakup Rumors, Talk Wedding And Babies

Sophie Monk picked Stu Laundy in the finale of The Bachelorette Australia, leaving Jarrod Woodgate alone and heartbroken. Stu had been rumored to be the winner since early on in this season, and now fans are curious to know how the duo is doing. There have been some rumors flying that Sophie and Stu have already split, but it looks like the two are trying to squash that type of buzz.

Monk posted a video on Instagram recently that showed a fan confronting the Bachelorette Australia stars while they were out together. Sophie filmed this fan Jan as she brought up the rumors that have been making headlines claiming that Monk and Laundy have already split. As Jan asked for the truth, Monk swung over to Laundy as he sat there with her. They joked about the "inappropriate behavior" that the two were apparently engaging in and the post quickly drew more than 500,000 views.

Laundy has been posting quite a few photos on his Instagram page as the Bachelorette Australia lovebirds settle into life together now that they can be public about their engagement. They've done their fair share of media interviews, and Sophie and Stu have had to tackle quite a few rumors along the way.

As this last season of Bachelorette Australia aired, there was talk of Stu romancing someone else and some felt certain that Monk and Laundy had already split. At the same time, there was buzz about a wedding happening sooner rather than later. Of course, as fans know, Stu technically is still married to his estranged wife, so a quickie wedding isn't going to happen quite yet.

Despite the rumors that Sophie and Stu have had to face, the Bachelorette Australia stars say that they are completely in love, together, and planning for the future. Monk told Woman's Day that she was confident throughout her journey that Laundy was the one for her, especially because he was always checking in on her to make sure she was holding up under the pressures of filming.

As for a wedding, Sophie admits that she may well elope with Stu rather than put together a huge wedding in Australia. The Bachelorette Australia star says that she wants to throw a big party where everybody can enjoy themselves, and she's looking to have a low-key event. She's also been very open about wanting children, and that desire hasn't faded despite the fact that her fiance has four daughters and had a vasectomy some time ago.

Stu and Sophie say that they believe it is "very possible" that they will be able to have a child together. The two Bachelorette Australia stars add that while either a boy or a girl would be welcome, they are hoping to have a boy. Fans are hoping that Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy will be able to prove the doubters wrong and make their relationship go the distance. Do you think that Monk and Laundy will eventually get married and build a family together?

[Featured Image by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]