Chinese Legislature Demands Real Name Internet Use Registration

Chinese citizens will soon need to use their real name when registering to use internet services throughout the country.

The new rule according to Xinhua is meant to “enhance protection of personal info online and safeguard public interests.” Opponents of the law claim that the move is nothing more than China’s attempt to further monitor its citizens.

While the law made its way through Chinese legislature, further information about the laws enactment has not yet been announced. Furthermore, the current draft of the law is still subject to “further deliberation and revisions” on behalf of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee.

The law will likely force Chinese citizens to show a government-issued ID before they can purchase internet services include fixed-line and wireless services.

It’s not just ISPs that may feel the brunt of the law, internet cafes could be forced to require user IDs in order to track all clientele.

By forcing all internet users to show ID the thought process is that dissidents will essentially lose the ability to log on outside of satellite phone use.

To ensure that private information is not stolen the law does require that network operators secure their networks with stronger security protocols.

While internet users will be required to register for wired and wireless internet services with their real name, they will legally be allowed to use pseudonyms when conversing online.

In the meant The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has said it will also begin to tighten controls over application stores and developers.