WWE Spoilers: Huge Return Scheduled For Tonight's 'Monday Night Raw'

Other than Team Red's response to SmackDown Live putting Monday Night Raw "under siege," WWE doesn't appear to have a whole lot scheduled for tonight's show. Sure, there will likely be some more build-up to Survivor Series, but will it even be worth tuning in? Well, there are always rumors, and it looks like the possibility of Samoa Joe returning from injury tonight is more than enough reason to turn on Raw.

A number of huge Survivor Series matches have already been announced as Team Red will take on Team Blue in Champion vs. Champion matches. There will also be a couple of elimination-style tag bouts which still need team members announced for each side.

With all spots on Raw's men's team still open, it is quite possible that Samoa Joe may not only return to cause havoc on Monday nights but for SmackDown as well. Wrestling Inc. is reporting that Joe is indeed in Baltimore for tonight's Raw.

Considering that Nia Jax is already scheduled to appear this evening, it looks as if tonight's Raw is one centered around huge returns. Both Nia and Joe should have implications on Survivor Series, but it will be interesting to see how they are worked into storylines.

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Samoa Joe hasn't been seen since late August when he suffered a knee injury in a match against John Cena at a house show. At the time, it appeared as if he was moving into a dream feud with Cena which had to be put on hold due to the injury.

Since going out with his injury two months ago, Samoa Joe has actually had two surgeries to help correct things. He says that the surgeries have actually helped him get past some issues he's been dealing with, ever since joining NXT a few years ago.

The official website of WWE has posted tonight's preview for Raw, and again, there isn't much to it at this time. There is some Survivor Series build-up with SmackDown's siege and also segments set up for Kane and Elias, but not much more.

While this evening's episode of Monday Night Raw is going to focus more on Survivor Series, there are many intricate storylines feeding into it. Nia Jax coming back is big enough all by itself, but Samoa Joe coming back makes this show that much bigger. It will be quite interesting to see if Samoa Joe can work together with other members of the Raw roster so that they can all work together to plot revenge against SmackDown.

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