Bethenny Frankel Loses Dog Cookie After Scary Weekend With Bryn

Bethenny Frankel has never hidden the fact that her one true love before having her daughter, Bryn, was her dog, Cookie. In her book, A Place of Yes, Frankel opens up about getting Cookie after a nasty split and about the dog always being there after her many breakups after that. The dog has been a constant in her life, whether she was going through a divorce from Jason Hoppy, growing her business to a massive company, or giving birth to her daughter. The dog has always been there for her, so when she announced that Cookie had past away, fans were shocked and saddened.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel revealed that Cookie had passed away this morning after a horrible weekend with seizures. It all started earlier this weekend when Bethenny asked her followers for advice on Twitter. She asked what she's supposed to do when a dog is having a seizure. She also added a scary video on Instagram Live of little Cookie shaking under a blanket. The dog was clearly having a seizure and Bethenny was freaking out -- as any loving owner would do. Frankel added that her daughter was there to witness it all.

Over the weekend, Frankel continued to give updates whenever she could. Cookie had been seen by a vet, and Bethenny revealed that her dog was truly struggling. She also added that her dog was 17-years-old and that she was well aware that the seizures meant that she wouldn't survive much longer. Bethenny opened up about Cookie's condition over the weekend, revealing that the dog wasn't doing well but was happy to see both Bethenny and Bryn.

"She is 17 & did have 108 fever & 45 mins of seizures, but she licked Bryn & reacted to my belly rubs. Better today," Frankel later revealed about Cookie, who had been seen by a vet.

These days, Frankel is focusing on her daughter, Bryn, who had to witness everything that happened over the weekend. One can imagine it was rough on Frankel to explain everything to Bryn, as her beloved dog was having a seizure on their couch. What do you think about Bethenny Frankel's scary incident? What do you think she should do to heal from her horrendous loss?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]