Leah Messer Accused Of Treating Ali Differently: Is 'Teen Mom 2' Star Making Situation Worse?

Leah Messer is often praised for being a great mother to her three daughters, especially to Ali, who is struggling with muscular dystrophy. Ali struggles with walking, standing, and running, and she's often using a wheelchair to get around. While Corey Simms is optimistic about his daughter, Leah is often encouraging Ali to use her wheelchair to get around so she doesn't get hurt. However, some viewers feel that she isn't doing what is best for her daughter. Perhaps Leah is going above and beyond because she doesn't want Ali to feel like she's different than her sisters, but one of her Instagram followers is now advising her to let Ali fall down.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer got some unsolicited advice from her followers, and one follower, in particular, didn't hold back. In the reply, the follower points out that Messer is treating Ali like a baby and is constantly carrying her around on her hip. In addition, she points out that Ali should learn how to recover herself, and it's healthy that she learns that everyone falls once in a while. Messer may disagree, but one could argue that her special treatment of her daughter is making her feel like something is wrong with her. But the follower also made unnecessary comments about Ali.

"She looks Down syndrome and slow she don't need more attention than the other 2 you still carry her on your hip she ain't no damn baby and when she falls she can get right back up like every other little kid," the follower pointed out.

Even though this comment may have been written in a mean-spirited way, as the Down syndrome comment was uncalled for, there may be some truth in Leah Messer's treatment of Ali. While she feels she's doing everything possible to create a great life for her daughter, the special attention may make her feel like something is wrong with her when all she wants is to feel normal like her sisters. As seen on Teen Mom 2, Corey Simms doesn't really treat them any differently, as he took his girls fishing despite Ali being in a wheelchair. She ended up being bored because she couldn't participate, but he isn't changing everything around for his daughter. He's including her in activities. On the other hand, one could argue that him not paying attention to her needs is making her feel left out.

What do you think about Leah Messer's treatment of her daughter? Do you feel that her good intentions are making Ali feel like she's left out?

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