Pregnant Kate Middleton To Make History When She Becomes Queen, Adding To Her Other Royal Firsts

Kate Middleton has a lot on her plate these days, including taking on additional royal duties from the aging Queen and caring for her two adorable little ones, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The duchess has also recently recovered from a bout of severe morning sickness due to her current pregnancy, which has been a condition that Kate has experienced during each of her pregnancies.

It's been reported that Middleton has recovered from the difficult spell of sickness and is ready to begin making more royal appearances. Queen Elizabeth II is clearly in her final years as the British monarch and is, therefore, handing over more responsibilities to the younger generations.

There have been rumors that Prince William and Duchess Kate would take the throne ahead of William's father, Prince Charles, yet such claims have been debunked. However, when it is time for Prince William to take his role as King, his Queen will be making history.

Royal experts have discovered that Kate Middleton stands out among the other monarchs due to her education. When Duchess Kate becomes Queen, she will be the first female British monarch to have a university degree.

AOL relays the history of Kate's post-secondary education, which led to her meeting Prince William.

"She received a 2:1 (Upper Second-Class) MA (Hons) degree in the History of Art from the University of St. Andrews in 2005. She famously met William at St. Andrews, as well."

At 29, Kate Middleton was also the oldest bride to marry into the royal family, and as the publication notes, it's clear that the duchess is not afraid to bring modern times to centuries-old tradition.

If that is not enough for history-making, Kate Middleton and Prince William were the first royal couple in nearly 60 years to announce they are having a third child.

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Kate and William have made waves and left their mark as one of the most beloved royal couples in recent history, and they have made it clear that their intentions are to take on their royal duties while working in their own interests and manner of living life with their children.

Recent news suggests that Prince William has even appealed to the Queen to request that Kate's duties be lessened from this point forward, as Good to Know shares. Middleton reportedly wishes to be more present with their children. Prince William is certainly his mother's son, reminding the world how he too is not afraid to responsibly blaze his own trail as a royal.

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