Kate Middleton Royal Halloween Plans Ruined By Huge Backlash Against Her Parents' Shocking Costumes For Kids?

Kate Middleton is known to be a doting mom to her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. But when it comes to Kate's Halloween plans for little George and Charlotte, it's doubtful that she'll be turning to her own parents for advice on what costumes to choose. Middleton's parents are facing an enormous backlash over the shockingly racy costumes that they are hyping for kids the same age as Kate's tiny tykes.

Kate Middleton's Parents Slammed In Humiliating Halloween Horror Show

Halloween increasingly has turned into a time for controversy, from celebrities horrifying their fans with racist costumes to parents sauntering along holding 2-year-old girls dressed like strippers. In 2017, however, part of the traditional horror show is coming from a source associated with the prim and proper royal family.

Just in time to sour any candy or cupcakes that Kate planned for a sweet Halloween treat for her own family, Middleton's parents are facing an embarrassing backlash from the public, according to Yahoo.

"[Other] parents are not happy with the Middletons."
Kate's mother and father, Carole Middleton and Michael Middleton, are the proud owners of a party company named Party Pieces. But those pieces are being tarnished by the outcry against the family.

Poll Of Parents Shows Shock At Sexy Outfits For 4-Year-Old Girls

The Middletons' company hypes Halloween costumes as part of their sales. But this year, if some parents have their way, those sales will tank. One poll, arranged by Channel Mum, revealed that parents view some of the costumes sold by Carole Middleton as shockingly inappropriate.
"The Duchess of Cambridge's parents' Party Pieces [company is] pushing sexualized costumes for girls aged just four."
For example, one of the costumes that has been slammed is called Midnight Mischief, put in the same category of outfits suited to a child just about the age of Kate's own son. It sells for approximately $28.

Will Kate Middleton allow her daughter Princess Charlotte to wear the shockingly sexy costumes sold by her parents?
Will Kate Middleton allow her daughter Princess Charlotte to wear the shockingly sexy costumes sold by her parents? [Image by Stephen Lock/Pool/Getty Images]

Midnight Mischief's advertising shows that it's designed for a little girl rather than a boy, with a tiny corseted dress and lengthy gloves. The child in the ad is shown with a face covered with glamorous makeup. The poll conducted by Channel Mum revealed that 98 percent would not let their kids step out in the Middletons' Midnight Mischief costumes.

Would Kate Middleton Allow Prince George To Wear Her Parents' Bloody Headless Horseman Costume For Boys?

Parents also slammed Kate's parents for touting a costume called Headless Horseman. Party Pieces described the costume, which costs $32.
"Our Boys Bloody Headless Horseman Costume...has an exaggerated collar to frame the signature missing head....Use the stuffed shoulder risers to create the illusion that you're missing your head!"
However, Middleton's mom and dad seem to have responded to the outcry by shifting the age group for which the Headless Horseman was designed. The description recommends it for children age 12 to 14, but Channel Mum claims the outfit originally was targeted to kids age 8 and older.

This year, as shown on the company's Instagram, costumes for pets are also available. Pet costume model Ned seems to feel just fine about his Halloween outfit.

Kate actually had a role in Party Pieces at the beginning. Her mother created the company in 1987. She revealed that James crafted the personalized cakes, while Kate began the first birthday part of the business. Pippa Middleton originated the Party Pieces blog.

Kate Middleton's Parents Raked In Millions From Party Supplies, But Twitter Is Not Impressed

The Express reported that Kate's parents have raked in millions from their party supplies business. But Twitter apparently is not impressed, calling some of the costumes designed for kids shockingly "sexy."

Carol Middleton and Michael Middleton are hyping costumes for kids ages 4 to teen, but the Halloween outfits for the youngest kids are drawing the most wrath from other parents.

"A 'Tin Heartthrob' costume...[has a] cut-out area about the chest, showing skin, a corset style body, a mini skirt, and a model wearing makeup and posing with her hand on her hip."
Other costumes, such as the "Lil Red Ridinghood" outfit, also are getting slammed because of the adult styles for kids who haven't even become teenagers yet. For example, a Fallen Angel costume for girls age 12 and up features fishnet stockings and a mini-skirt, with the young model wearing heavy eyeliner and lipstick.

What do you think Kate Middleton wants to tell her parents about these Halloween costumes for kids? Will she let Prince George and Princess Charlotte wear them? Post your views below.

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