Google Cheeseburger Emoji Debacle: CEO To Drop Everything To Get Cheeseburger Politically Correct?

There's only one way to build a cheeseburger and Google's emoji has it all wrong, which was politely pointed out to Google over the weekend. It appears that this cheeseburger emoji is a serious situation because the head honcho at Google promised that the emoji for Google's cheeseburger would be addressed first thing on Monday.

In fact, the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, said their team "would drop everything" they are doing and get on this cheeseburger emoji dilemma right away. So what is the problem with Google's cheeseburger emoji?

According to Twitter user Thomas Baekdal, the cheese is in the wrong place. Baekdal tweeted a screenshot over the weekend of the Google cheeseburger emoji along with Apple's cheeseburger emoji to show a "glaring error" on the part of Google. That error: the cheese is in the wrong place. Once Baekdal's tweet hit online, the masses backed him up.

Google has its cheeseburger emoji with the cheese at the bottom -- at the very bottom underneath the burger patty. Everyone knows the cheese on a cheeseburger is placed over the hamburger patty and melted, which is what social media users indicated over the weekend, according to

The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes a cheeseburger as "a hamburger topped with a slice of cheese," but this is not the case with Google's cheeseburger emoji. They have the bottom bun topped with the cheese, and according to Fox & Friends on their live show Monday morning, this is not the way you build a cheeseburger.
Below is the promise made by Google's CEO in his tweet on Sunday.
After Fox & Friends took a look at the tweeted Google vs. Apple cheeseburger emoji, they had an issue with Apple's emoji as well. Apple has the lettuce at the bottom of the burger when it should clearly be on top. Brian Kilmeade had an issue with putting lettuce on any sandwich, but that's beside the point. points out to their readers that both Apple and Google got the building of a cheeseburger wrong for the sake of their emojis.

They write, "Frankly, they're both wrong: It goes bun, lettuce, pickles (I don't like raw tomato), sauce, cheese, patty, bun. Simple."

This cheeseburger emoji opened the floodgates of critiques of the cheeseburger emojis found around the online world. Apple was not only called out for the placement of the lettuce but for its rather stingy use of sesame seeds on their bun. As the Mirror reports, this cheeseburger emoji debacle has now spawned a worldwide debate over the building of the cheeseburger. It will be interesting to see what Google does as a fix for their cheeseburger emoji or if they will just leave it alone since it's frying in its 15 minutes of fame today.

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