Enzo Amore Brags About Having His Own Locker Room, More Backstage Heat Coming?

Enzo Amore is the current WWE Cruiserweight champion and he has been excelling in his role as a heel. However, Amore has been involved in a lot of controversies in his short WWE career with one of them being kicked out of the locker room. In an ambush interview, Amore bragged that he has his own locker room and it could lead to more backstage heat on him.

Back in July, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer (h/t Cageside Seats) reported that Enzo was a very unpopular member of the WWE locker room. The character Enzo portrays on television is very annoying and it seems like he is that same person in real life. His personality has rubbed a lot of people backstage and he was even kicked off a tour bus at one point.

Meltzer noted that it was Roman Reigns who punished Amore by kicking him off the WWE tour bus during their European tour. Amore was also banned in the locker room and he is forced to change in the hallway. It's a classic punishment in the wrestling industry to let a superstar think about his actions.

Another reason for the backstage heat on Enzo is his unhappiness with his breakup with Big Cass. He was worried that he might be treated as a joke, and it could possibly hinder his popularity. There were even speculations that Enzo is just using the WWE as a platform to launch his rap career.

Enzo Amore is a two-time WWE Cruiserweight champion.
Enzo Amore cuts a promo before his match. [Image by WWE]

Fast forward to three months, Enzo Amore overcame the beatings he got from Braun Strowman, The Miz, and the members of the cruiserweight division live on television. Amore is now a two-time WWE Cruiserweight champion and he has main evented Monday Night Raw several times. His merchandise sales are still rumored to be strong and his push is not going away anytime soon.

However, Enzo is still not allowed inside the locker room and the backstage heat on him from the boys has not subsided. But Amore might have gotten himself in more trouble by bragging about being a champion and having his own locker room in an ambush interview with TMZ Sports.

"Being a champion, you wake up in the morning and you piss excellence," Amore said. "Bro, I've got my own locker room…literally. That is a fact. Come check me out dog, I don't talk to nobody. You know why? Because if you ain't talking money, what the hell you talking about?"

According to Uproxx, Amore could be in ever bigger trouble by walking with the Cruiserweight championship in public. It's not common for champions to take their titles in places unless needed. Amore was just showing off and he appeared to be drunk during the interview.

Judging by his current booking, Enzo Amore has the confidence of the top WWE brass. Even though he is not popular in the locker room, it has not affected his position. Amore is in an even better position now as he is the focal point of the entire cruiserweight division and 205 Live.

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