Browns fire their General Manager

As reported earlier the Cleveland Browns have not fired Head Coach Eric Mangini, in fact it now looks like he has been promoted. Breaking news out of Cleveland this Monday night is that the team has fired General Manager George Kokinis. There have been a few reports that security escorted him for the building, but the team is denying those reports, and they have issued a statement that Kokinis will no longer be actively involved with the team.

This is a very strange story since Mangini was hired first and apparently had a hand in getting Kokinis to be his GM, of course a few weeks ago when the team traded Wide Out Braylon Edwards, it was Mangini not Kokinis who came in front of the media to explain the move. Now it looks like Browns owner Randy Lerner is going to allow Mangini to be both head coach and GM.

This proves how bad of an organization the Browns truly are. First and foremost the jobs of GM and Head Coach are almost too large for any one man to handle. Some have been successful at it, but it is an antiquated way to run a NFL football team. Furthermore Mangini has shown no promise either as a Head Coach, or as the team’s GM. He is not the guy who will lead the Browns to football relevance, and before he is allowed to squander a top five draft pick in 2010, he himself should probably be fired.

This team is 1-7 and many thought they were headed towards a far better season, but if Mangini stays they are headed toward an extensive rebuild. That means a high first round draft pick of a QB that is going to cost big bucks, on top of the big bucks this team has already shelled out for QB’s Derrick Anderson and Brady Quinn.