Handcuffed Jared Kushner Halloween Costume Has Twitter In Splits -- Can You Guess Who Started The Trend?

Twitter is having a lot of laughs this Halloween.

The micro-blogging site was in splits when the speechwriter of former President Barack Obama, Jon Favreau, posted a picture of himself dressed as a handcuffed Jared Kushner on social media. By his side in the picture stood his wife, handcuffed too, apparently taking a dig at Ivanka, according to Boston Globe.

The couple was attempting to poke fun following rumors that Donald Trump's son-in-law might be the first high-profile target of Robert Mueller's investigation into the Trump campaign's purported collusion with Russia to win last year's election, reported earlier by the Inquisitr. Special counsel Mueller, who has been reported to have filed the first charges this past weekend, is expected to have named some of Trump's close aides in his charges, according to CNN. Although speculation has been rife that an indictment might be on the table for former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort as early as Monday, it is the rumors suggesting that Jared Kushner might be the one who will be served an indictment today that has generated the most chuckles on Twitter.

Favreau, co-host of Pod Save America and Crooked Media founder, posted the picture for more than 800,000 of his Twitter followers with the caption, "Early case of the Mondays?"

The post soon went trending on Twitter, with a string of retweets and likes consolidating the fun Trump critics seem to be having on the eve of Halloween when the first arrests are likely to be made in the Trump-Russia investigation. It is believed by observers that some of the first indictments may be against Trump aides much lower down the hierarchy -- a fact vociferously pointed out by the likes of Chris Christie -- but that did not stop Twitter users from posting their own versions of the Kushner Halloween costume.

Some users did not stop there and jokingly went on to suggest that it won't be long before Donald Trump might be indicted following Mueller's investigation.

On his own part, Jared Kushner has not responded to the rumors surrounding the looming indictments, but Donald Trump took to Twitter to deliver another of his rants, with observers saying it appears like the time has come for the president to begin panicking.

[Featured Image by Pete Souza/White House via Getty Images]