'The Walking Dead' News: Morales Holds Rick's Fate In His Hands, Is He A Friend Or A Foe?

The Walking Dead fans saw the return of a character on tonight's episode. Morales was last seen in the freshman season of the series. As the show ended, Rick was looking down the end of Morales' revolver and has made it clear that things aren't how they used to be.

Morales and Rick met in Episode 2 entitled "Guts," when Rick was trapped inside a tank in downtown Atlanta. Glen and Andrea were leaders, alongside T. Dog and Morales, of a group that saved Rick from the zombies and helped him escape. Shortly after, Rick saved the entire group from Merle Dixon when he handcuffed him to a pipe on top of a building. Rick then led the group to a refugee camp where Morales was reunited with his wife and children. Rick was reunited with Lori and Carl at that same refugee camp. According to Uproxx, this was the same episode in which Rick and Daryl discovered that covering themselves in zombie's guts would cover their smell so they could walk safely through a hoard.

For the next three episodes of The Walking Dead, Morales and Rick were just faces in the crowd to each other. They were both with their families and remained in the refugee camp with the other early survivors. In the fifth episode entitled "Wildfire," Andrea's sister is bitten. Her death led the group to make the decision to travel to the CDC to see if there was a cure. Morales and his family decided to travel to Birmingham, where they said they had people.

Now that Rick and Negan are involved in an All Out War, the players have all chosen a side. Morales made it clear to Rick that they were no longer on the same side, and he is with the Saviors now. As the credits rolled, The Walking Dead fans heard the click of the revolver pointed at Rick being cocked.

Do you think Rick will be able to negotiate his release with Morales, or will he have to kill his old ally from Atlanta? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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