Author Clive Barker Finally Clear Of Bizarre Court Case Involving 'HIV Cousin Sex' Allegations

Page Mackinley

Clive Barker has emerged victorious in an ongoing court case against his ex-boyfriend, Emilian David Armstrong.

The Hellraiser and Weaveworld author was sued earlier this year after shocking claims made by Armstrong, who alleged Barker had infected him with HIV after having sex with his own cousin.

According to TMZ, Armstrong claimed Barker admitted that he had contracted HIV from the alleged encounter with his cousin.

Cinema Blend reports that the now estranged Barker and Armstrong were both "supposedly" diagnosed with the disease and originally intended to face it together as life partners.

Somewhere along the line the relationship allegedly devolved into a spiral of S & M parties and drugs, with Armstrong ultimately claiming he was kicked out of Barker's house and left destitute.

When the case was first heard before a judge it was dismissed as baseless, but with one proviso, TMZ notes.

That proviso was that if Armstrong could produce new evidence, the case could go forward.

Armstrong subsequently failed to produce any new evidence and the case was finally dismissed ‘with prejudice' earlier this week, said Cinema Blend.

This means Armstrong cannot come back to court with the same charges, even in the event that he does come up with new evidence.

At 60-years-old, Barker is a renowned English author, film director and visual artist. Rising to prominence in the mid-1980's, he became world famous after penning numerous short stories and novels, some of which were adapted into motion pictures, notably Hellraiser and Candyman.